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September 2001   

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***"MASQUERADE" by Amanda Ashley ***"DARK DREAM" by Christine Feehan ***"MIDNIGHT SERENADE" by Ronda Thompson 

Three of romance’s hottest bestselling authors invite readers to explore the dark side of paranormal romance, to taste the forbidden, and to dive into danger with heroes who fire the blood and lay claim to the soul in these striking tales of sensual passion.

ISBN: 0505524503 
BI Price $4.79
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Suzanne Brockmann

Navy helicopter pilot Lieutenant Teri Howe is dedicated and highly skilled – until a past mistake jeopardizes everything she’s worked for. Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok comes to Teri’s aid, knowing that her personal code of honor – and perhaps his heart – will be at risk. When a jet carrying an American senator’s daughter is hijacked, Stan’s determination and Teri’s courage are put to the ultimate test.
ISBN: 0804119708 
BI PRICE $5.59
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Lynsay Sands

If King Henry receives one more letter from either of two feuding nobles, he'll go mad. Lady Tiernay is a beauty, but whoever marries the nag will truly get a mixed blessing. And Lord Holden -- can all the rumors regarding his cold heart be lies? The man certainly has sobered since the death of his first wife. If he were smart, Henry would force the two to wed, make them fatigue each other with their schemes and complaints. 
ISBN: 0843949090 
BI Price $4.79

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Catherine Spangler
#3 Shielder Series

Jarek san Ranul finds evidence of a wormhole, a vortex to another galaxy, which can provide escape from those who seek to destroy his race, the Shielders. Eirene Kane, on the run from a warlord, was an Enhancer, one of a genetic few with a powerful gift. Her flight hurls hr into the arms of Jarek, a man who steals her heart and uncovers her secret.

ISBN: 050552452X 
BI PRICE $4.40
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BI PRICE $4.40
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BI PRICE $4.40
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Stephanie Laurens

Gyles Rawlings, the Earl of Chillingworth, decides to wed a well-bred lady who will dutifully bear him sons but turn a blind eye while he takes pleasure elsewhere. He’s encountered a brazen siren who will make a fine mistress – one with a fiery nature to match his own. But at the altar, Gyles discovers his bride and his fantasy woman are the same – and he burns with passion for the one woman he cannot have : his wife.

ISBN: 0380812029 CP6.99
BI Price $5.59
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Karen Marie Moning

Highland laird Drustan MacKelter is awakened after five centuries of slumber by Gwen Cassidy, who came to Scotland to shake up her humdrum life. After plunging into an underground cavern, she meets the most seductive man she’s ever soon. Soon, Drustan sweeps her back to 16th century Scotland where a warrior with the power to change history will defy time itself for the woman he loves. 
ISBN: 044023655X 
BI PRICE $4.79
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Susan Elizabeth Phillips

After the Civil War, Kit Weston comes to New York City disguised as a boy to kill Baron Cain, the man who stands between her and Risen Glory, the South Carolina home she loves. But unknown to Kit, the Yankee war hero is more than her bitter enemy – he’s her guardian. Believing Kit is a boy, Cain offers her a job in his stable. But he has no idea what he’s in for.

ISBN: 0380808307 
BI PRICE $5.59
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Sue Civil-Brown

Police officer Samantha Bartless vowed to never fall for a smooth-talking hunk again. So it’s hate at first sight when TV expose journalist Derek Diche comes to Paradise Beach to debunk a mysterious phenomenon. Although they are up-close and personal, she swore never to trust a man who specializes in illusions. But Samantha begins to think maybe his cool façade is just an illusion, too. 
ISBN: 0380811804 
BI PRICE $4.79
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Every Move She Makes
Beverly Barton

Ella Porter receives ominous letters at her office, reminding her of the disturbing letters she used to get from Reed Conway, the hellraiser she’d known from childhood, after her father prosecuted him for murder. Now Reed’s out of prison and is on a mission to find out who really
murdered his stepfather. Though Ella wants to believe his claims of innocence, she’s getting closer than a “good girl” ever should get to a man with such a bad reputation.

ISBN: 0821768387 
BI Price $5.20
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Veronica Sattler

In the tiny principality of Mirandeau, Lord Randall Damley only wants to protect the late regent’s heirs from danger. But while one of the orphaned “children” he’s sworn to safeguard is nearly a grown woman, it’s clear that shy Princess Leonie is also terrified by some nameless threat. Posing as a palace guard, Rand is concerned only with her safety – until he unexpectedly is moved by her beauty. 
ISBN: 0821769219 
BI PRICE $4.79
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Robin Schone
Sequil to THE LOVER

Destitute and terrorized by a nameless pursuer, thirty-four-year-old Victoria Childers has only one thing of value left -- her innocence. Its price will buy her safety. But Gabriel, the dangerously beautiful man who purchases her, doesn't want her virginity -- he wants the man who stalks her. Trapped together in a house where every desire can be fulfilled, Victoria and Gabriel are plunged into a deadly game of passion and pursuit, where the greatest threat is carnal hunger and the only rule is to survive.
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An Easy Conquest
Sandra Heath

Emily Fairfield knows she should accept wealthy Sir Warrender’s proposal. But she can’t stop dreaming about a certain mysterious, penniless drifter who has wandered into her life – and run off with her heart. (REGENCY)

ISBN: 0-451-20448-4 

BI Price $3.99
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Stella Cameron

Whenever Carolee Burns plays at Bistro Brandy, Max Wolfe is there. He is a silent observer in the smoky darkness, nursing a drink as Carolee's poignant music washes over him. He can't stop thinking about the mysterious woman at the piano.

When Max Wolfe changes from observer to participant in Carolee's world, he becomes a temptation she doesn't want to resist. But even as Carolee deals with the irresistible consequences of allowing love back into her life, a tragedy reveals secrets that may change everything she believes about herself -- jeopardizing her fragile hold on happiness....
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Sherry Lewis

The last thing Montana sheriff and single mother Taylor O’Brien needs is a complicated romance. But Sam Evans, a ruggedly handsome cowboy who looks like he just stepped out of the late 1800’s wanders into her life. In fact, Sam actually stepped out of the 19th century. By traveling through time, Sam had hoped to forget his woman troubles – but time has a way of changing one’s mind. 
ISBN: 0515131563 
BI PRICE $4.79
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Debbie Macomber

When the divorce case of Cecilia and Ian Randall comes before family court judge Olivia Lockhart, she denies their petition. She knows this Cedar Cove, Washington, couple still loves each other – they just need to try harder to maker their marriage work. But then Jack Griffin, an interfering, attractive reporter catches wind of what’s going on and suddenly the whole town’s talking.
ISBN: 155166830-0 CP6.99
BI Price $5.59
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Keri Arthur
#1 Damask Circle

Madeline Smith has retreated to an isolated farmhouse, afraid of the abilities she cannot control. Abilities that have killed. But to save her nephews life, she not only has to learn to control those abilities, but place her trust in a man who isn't human. [Werewolf]

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NIGHTSHADOW by Laura Renken.  #3 Drake Pirates CP5.99 
BI PRICE $4.79  Order my copy NOW!
The Promse
May McGoldrick

En route to America, Rebecca Neville promises the dying wife of the Earl of Stanhope she will care for her newborn son. Ten years later, the earl learns of his family’s fate, and sends for the boy. With no intention of forsaking her vow, Rebecca returns to England with the boy, but she must also face her tumultuous past. The enigmatic lord has his own promise to keep – and a passion for Rebecca that cannot be denied.
ISBN: 0451204492 
BI PRICE $5.59
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BI PRICE $3.99
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#575: Shotgun Grooms : Lucas’s Convenient Bride/Jackson’s Mail-Order

Susan Mallery and Maureen Child

#576: The Mackintosh Bride
Debra Lee Brown

#577: The Gunslinger’s Bride
Cheryl St. John

#578: The Sleeping Beauty
Jacqueline Navin

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BI PRICE $3.60
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#629: Someone to Protect Her
Patricia Rosemoor

#630: The Forgiven
Amanda Stevens

#631: In His Wife’s Name
Joyce Sullivan

#632: Sullivan’s Last Stand
Harper Allen
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BI PRICE $4.79

#59: One Bride Too Many/One Groom to Go
Jennifer Drew

#60: Kiss the Cowboy!/How the Sheriff Was Won
Gayle Kaye/Anne Gracie
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BI PRICE $3.19
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SD#1387: The Millionaire Comes Home
Mary Lynn Baxter

SD#1388: Royal Dad
Leanne Banks

SD#1389: When Jayne Met Erik
Elizabeth Bevarly

SD#1390: Fortune’s Secret Daughter
Barbara McCauley

SD#1391: Sleeping With the Sultan
Alexandra Sellers

SD#1392: The Bridal Arrangement
Cindy Gerard
BI PRICE $3.19
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SR#1540: A Very Special Delivery
Myrna MacKenzie

SR#1541: This Kiss
Teresa Southwick

SR#1542: Cinderella After Midnight
Lilian Darcy

SR#1543: Marrying for a Mom
Deanna Talcott

SR#1544: Wed by a Will
Cara Colter

SR#1545: Her Secret Longing
Gail Martin
BI PRICE $3.60
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SIM#1099: Marrying McCabe
Fiona Brand

SIM#1100: Born to Protect
Virginia Kantra

SIM#1101: Fugitive Hearts
Ingrid Weaver

SIM#1102: A Hero to Hold
Linda Castillo

SIM#1103: This Perfect Stranger
Barbara Ankrum

SIM#1104: The Renegade Steals a Lady
Vickie Taylor
BI PRICE $3.60
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SSE#1417: The Last Mercenary
Diana Palmer

SSE#1418: To Catch a Thief
Sherryl Woods

SSE#1419: When I Dream of You
Laurie Paige

SSE#1420: Another Man’s Children
Christine Flynn

SSE#1421: Her Secret Affair
Arlene James

SSE#1422: An Abundance of Babies
Marie Ferrarella

BI PRICE $3.19
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HT#845: Aftershock
Jill Shalvis

HT#846: Heat of the Night
Donna Kauffman

HT#847: The Mighty Quinns : Conor
Kate Hoffmann

HT#848: Forever Jake
Barbara Dunlop
BI PRICE $3.60
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#5: Thirty Nights
JoAnn Ross

#6: The Pleasure Principle
Kimberly Raye

#7: Uninhibited
Candace Schuler

#8: Body Heat
Carly Phillips
BI PRICE $3.60
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HA#889: Surprise, Doc! You’re a Daddy!
Jacqueline Diamond

HA#890: With Valor and Devotion
Charlotte Maclay

HA#891: Regarding the Tycoon’s Toddler
Mary Anne Wilson

HA#892: The Biological Bond
Jamie Ann Denton
BI PRICE $3.19
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HR#3667: A Suitable Husband
Jessica Steele

HR#3668: The Wife He Chose
Susan Fox

HR#3669: The Marriage Test
Barbara McMahon

HR#3670: Outback with the Boss
Barbara Hannay
BI PRICE $3.19
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HP#2199: Duarte’s Child
Lynne Graham

HP#2200: To Make a Marriage
Carole Mortimer

HP#2201: Mistress by Contract
Helen Bianchin

HP#2202: The Alvares Bride
Sandra Marton

HP#2203: Lorenzo’s Reward
Catherine George

HP#2204: Terms of Engagement
Kathryn Ross
BI PRICE $3.99
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HS#1008: A Montana Family
Roxanne Rustand

HS#1009: The Word of a Child
Janice Kay Johnson

HS#1010: Intensive Caring
Bobbi Hutchinson

HS#1011: The Payback Man
Carolyn McSparren

HS#1012: Mr. & Mrs. Wrong
Fay Robinson

HS#1013: Lost But Not Forgotten
Roz Denny Fox

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