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Paraphernalia [Paranormal Romance] Interview
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Catherine Spangler
Lovespell, April, 1999
358 Pages;  ISBN# 0505523043

Category: Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

Shielder bookcover
Her people were dying of a deadly virus and she could help them.  Although she was shunned because of her seizures and considered worthless, Nessa had the skills and was willing to allow herself to bring a sample of the Orana virus through dangerous territory to the far away lab with hopes of finding an antidote.  The method to carry the virus to the lab was to be injected with it.  If the trip to the lab took too long, she would not survive. 

2 days out in space, her ship breaks down and dressed as a Pilgrim, she is begrudgingly rescued by Chase McKnight.  Our hero is allergic to Nessa’s pet lanrax and even worse, a bounty hunter and her people, Shielders, were his prey.  Chase’s work delays his taking her to a drop off point and time is running out for Nessa.  Since she cannot explain why the need to hurry, she has to avoid contaminating others and spends time learning his ship and computer… and picking up a couple of children in need of help. 

The story unfolds in a consistent manner and it takes awhile for the love to grow between the H/H and trust is slow to come even after the love.  She does not know that Chase was formerly a top research scientist and he does not know that she is heading toward death because of the plague.  I won’t tell you what happens, but it is well worth the reading even before you get to the HEA. 

I felt Ms. Spangler dealt well with the heroine's development of self-worth and the prejudices and plots in this story.   There is a good balance of love and conflict to make this an enjoyable story.

Cy Korte / February, 2000
Copyright © 2000 for Book Isle Paperbacks

Catherine Spangler
368 pages (December 2000) 
ISBN: 0505524244

Category: Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE 

Shadower bookcover
When I originally read this story, I had been told it was a sequel to SHIELDER – the first Futuristic Romance by this author.  I enjoyed SHIELDER enough to write a review for PNR and was excited to get to read an advance copy of SHADOWER.  Actually, this new story is a PREquil.  You will not miss anything if you have not read SHIELDER first.  After reading this, I felt a need to reread SHIELDER “to continue the story.”

Sabin Travers is a Shadower – a bounty hunter for the Controllers.  When his decrepit space ship broke down.  He decided to have a drink at Giza’s while his ship was being repaired.  He never expected to meet the woman who would change his life.

Moriah’s ship had been taken and she had to get a ride off this hellhole of a planet.  Her sister and the other women on Risa needed her to complete her mission.  [She is a smuggler and can be arrested by a Shadower.]  Things went from bad to worse when Sabin helps her during a bar fight and she ends up stranded.  Moria wasn’t the only one with secrets.  Her stowing away on his ship led to other difficulties.  Finding that Sabin was helping Shielders – a race set for genocide by Controllers – made her a danger to him which meant he could not let her free to pursue her own business. 

Moriah drugs him and hijacks his ship.  When fate places her in Sabin’s hands, he takes full advantage of the situation.  Can two very strong personalities eventually work out a way to work together? Will they be able to work out the differences and combine their skills and goals? 

I read for entertainment and am fond of Futuristics; this story was well written and filled my needs for a good read.  I would recommend it and it’s sequel and hope to see more in this series.

Cy Korte / September, 2000
Copyright © 2000 for Book Isle Paperbacks

Catherine Spangler

Love Spell; September, 2001
ISBN: 050552452X

Category: Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

click here to order SHAMARA by Catherine Spangler
Ms. Spangler has written this story so well that if you have never read any others in this series, you will not feel lost, but will wish to immediately find the other stories.  If you have read the SHIELDER and SHADOWER stories from this trilogy, you have been anxiously awaiting this book and you will enjoy finding characters from those stories in their new lives without being distracted from SHAMARA by recaps of past stories.

On the planet Travan, women are the property of men.  Eirene had been traded by her uncle and was to become a bride of a Leor.  The Leors are renown for their fierceness and cruelty and their ability to probe minds.  It would only be a matter of time before her husband-to-be knew her secret-- she was an Enhancer, a race the Controllers had hunted to near extinction as they were presently doing to the Shielders.   No telling her fate when that was discovered; in fear she hides on a departing cargo ship.  First, to be safe from the Leors, she must make sure she was no longer a virgin bride and what better way than going to a Pleasure Dome. 

Jarek san Ranul did not usually visit the Pleasure Dome.  The last thing he expected for his evening’s entertainment was an intriguing virgin lover and a surprise attack by his enemies that should have killed him.  No one can explain how he was healed, but he suspects his bed-partner at the Pleasure Dome was an Enhancer.   As new leader of the Shielders, Jarek has developed a desperate plan that requires the aid of an Enhancer.  He must fight his feelings for Eirene because his first responsibility is to his people.  He regrets repaying Eirene’s lifesaving help by imprisoning her and forcing her to use her powers to help his people escape the Controllers.  Jarek hopes to win her cooperation by showing her the plight of his people and taking her to meet his friends.  But, by abducting Eirene, Jarek and his friends have added a powerful new enemy – the commanding prince of the Leors looking for his bride.

The excitement of developing love and finding her full heritage bring Eirene to life for the reader. Eirene finds a love within her strong enough to do what is needed to bring Jarek and his people to the safety of Shamara knowing that it will probably cause her death.  Jared is unaware of Eirene’s possible sacrifice and must find a way to save her by combining his Shielder powers with her Enhancer powers.  The minor story of tough Leor Commander Gunnar and lighthearted Lani, the "blue-feather lady" from the Pleasure Dome adds an interesting humorous element to what at times can be an intense story. 

SHIELDER and SHADOWER were both won Honorable Mention in Paranormal Excellence [PEARL] Awards and I have confidence that after reading SHAMARA, you will agree Ms. Spangler has written another futuristic worthy of  awards. 

Cy Korte /May, 2001
Copyright © 2001 for Book Isle Paperbacks 

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