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September 2000
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Creature Fantastic
Denise Little, editor 

This collection of original tales of such legendary creatures as dragons, unicorns, the phoenix, and even cats and dogs with talents of mythological proportions, including stories by noted fantasy writers Jody Lynn Nye, Michelle West, P.N. Elrod, Jean Rabe and others. (FANTASY)
ISBN: 0756400074 

BI PRICE $5.59
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Darkling I Listen
Katherine Sutcliffe

Haunted by the malicious rumors that destroyed his acting career, Hollywood bad boy Brandon Carlyle returns to his hometown of Tricky Creek, Texas, hoping for escape from an obsessed stalker and her disturbing letters. But the town is no longer the safe haven of his childhood, and the presence of a beautiful stranger, Alyson James, could be the one who destroys him – but her rests his fate in her hands.

ISBN: 0515131520 

BI Price $5.59
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Kay Hooper

Seattle police sketch artist Maggie Barnes listens as crime victims describe their ordeals, and then draws dead-on sketches of their assailants. Some think Maggie is telepathic, but only Maggie knows the truth behind her talent. But her secret may be exposed when a madman abducts women and blinds them, leaving them barely alive. Maggie has her own dark connection to the monster – an eerie link that may stretch back to a string of unsolved murders. (Thriller)
ISBN : 0553583441 
BI Price $5.59
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Desert Rain
Spirit Walker

Grief-stricken by her young husband’s death, Desert Rain leaves her village, eager to join her beloved in the After World. Knowing the dangers of the wilderness, her people send out a search party. They also know the legend of the mysterious warrior who was said to be able to travel between worlds. When Desert Rain encounters Spirit Who Walks Like a Man, her desire for life is reawakened.
ISBN: 0843949198 

BI PRICE $4.40
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Orson Scott Card
#1 Women of Genesis

A vivid and imaginative portrayal of the biblical Sarah, Abraham's loyal wife. A tale of loyalty and resilience before God and before Abraham. SARAH is the first in a new historical fiction series on biblical women. 

General Fiction/ Inspirational-Judea
ISBN: 0765341174
BI PRICE $6.39
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The Wolf King
Alice Borchardt

The human side of shapeshifter Maeniel owes allegiance to Emperor Charlemagne. But the wolf knows no master. Maeniel embarks on a hazardous mission for the emperor, but he is captured and condemned to death. Maeniel’s soul mate, Regeane, braves the icy Alps to rescue her husband, only to find he is bait in a trap set for her by a villainous man from her darkest past. 

ISBN: 0345423658 
BI PRICE $5.59
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Shannon Drake

A Carnivale ball in Venice takes a terrifying turn for book critic Jordan Riley. As festivity turns into frenzy, she is rescued by a man disguised as a wolf. But did she witness the evening’s entertainment – or was it something far more sinister? Jordan is led on a nightmare journey in this continuation of the saga begun in Beneath A Blood Red Moon and When Darkness Falls. (Mystery/ Thriller)

ISBN: 0821768379  
BI Price $5.59
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The Further Adventures of Xena, Warrior Princess
Martin Harry Greenberg, editor

This ultimate collection for fans of the syndicated TV series Xena : Warrior Princess, ending after six seasons in August 2001, features 15 all-new original stories by 17 of fantasy’s best known authors who bring Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Ares and a host of Olympians back to life in
these adventures. Authors include Jennifer Roberson, Diane Duane, Melissa Good, Greg Cox, and others. (FANTASY)
ISBN: 0441008526 
BI PRICE $5.59
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J.D. Robb

From bestselling author Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb, Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas is back on the beat, and hot on the trail of a seductive killer in the New York Times bestselling series. (Mystery)
ISBN : 0425181464 
BI Price $6.39

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The Witness
Ginna Gray

Concert pianist Lauren Brownly witnesses a grisly murder, and realizes her career has been financed by a crime lord. Lauren suddenly becomes the FBI’s key witness in the case. Terrified and alone, Lauren must trust in rugged FBI agent Sam Wolf Hawkins, who has whisked her away into protective custody. The witness and her protector face uncertain danger – and a growing attraction to each other that only heightens the peril of their situation.
ISBN: 1551668327 
BI PRICE $4.79
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Dr. Death : An Alex Delaware Novel
Jonathan Kellerman 

To some, Eldon Mate was evil personified. To others, the former physician was a saint. But someone has turned the mercy killing “Dr. Death” into a murder victim. When Mate’s brutalized corpse is found harnessed to his own killing machine, psychologist-detective Alex Delaware is asked to aid his old friend, homicide cop Milo Sturgis, in the hunt for the death doctor’s executioner. (THRILLER)

ISBN : 0345413881 
BI PRICE $6.39
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Since You’ve Been Gone
Carlene Thompson

A decade ago, teenage clairvoyant Rebecca Ryan helped police solve a high-profile case, but she could not solve the murder of her kid brother. Now, the all-too-familiar vision returns : a child that shares her last name is taken from his bed. Back in West Virginia, Rebecca intends to use her psychic gift to find her cousin’s missing son, but the Ryan family still resents her for what her second sight did years before.

ISBN: 0312979797 
BI PRICE $5.59
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Susan Isaacs

This long-awaited sequel to the best-selling comic mystery Compromising Positions (1978) reintroduces feisty Long Islander Judith Singer. In the more-than-20 years since we've seen her, she's acquired a doctorate in history and lost her husband to a heart attack, but she's held on to the zeal for investigating murders that landed her in so much trouble in her first adventure.

ISBN: 0060195703
BI PRICE $20.80
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Julie Garwood

Like his FBI-agent brother Nick [HEARTBREAKER], Attorney Theo Buchanan is devoted to his crime-fighting career. Theo Buchanan comes to the aid of Michelle Renard when her medical clinic is vandalized. What he discovers is chilling and deadly. As the relentless and cold-blooded Sowing Club sets out to silence Michelle, the one person who may have the information that will destroy them. Now Theo must save the life of a gorgeous surgeon who once saved his. 
ISBN: 0671034014 (September 11, 2001) 
BI PRICE $20.00
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Julie Garwood 

A man enters Father Thomas Madden’s confessional, seeking absolution for a murder he plans to commit. In his twisted game, the man then reveals the identity of his intended victim : Father Thomas’ sister, Laurant. In a frantic race to protect her, Father Thomas calls upon his best friend, elite FBI agent Nick Buchanan, to track down the predator. Now, as an attraction between Laurant and Nick grows, so does the danger. (Thriller)
ISBN: 0671034006 

BI Price $6.39
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Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown takes on an unusual challenge, setting out to write a novel within a novel within a novel. 

Maris Matherly-Reed is married to philandering Noah, who runs Matherly Press with Maris and her father, Daniel. Maris plucks a prologue from the slush pile and finds herself hooked by the steamy prose. The author is only known by his initials: P.M.E. Is he a bitter, wheelchair-bound, first-time novelist -- or is he using Maris to avenge himself against Noah -- or does he love her madly -- or can the answer be all of the above?
ISBN: 0446527130
BI PRICE $20.76
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