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  June 2001

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JUNE 2001

Dance Upon the Air
Nora Roberts 

Nell, Ripley, and Mia are three women bound by the magic, legends, and romance of the Massachusetts coast in the first novel in Robert’s bewitching new Three Sisters Island trilogy.

ISBN: 0-515-13122-9 CP: 7.99 
BI PRICE: $6.39

Fox River
Emilie Richards

Julia Warwick grew up in a world where foxhunting and Thoroughbreds are passions. But Christian Carver, a talented horse trainer, awakens the artists – and passions – within Julia. When Christian is convicted of murder, Julia suddenly loses her sight. Though blindness darkens her world, it opens Julia’s eyes to hidden truths.

ISBN: 1-55166-806-8 CP: 6.99 
BI PRICE: $5.59

All A Woman Wants
Patricia Rice 

Kidnapping his sister’s small children to save them from abuse, Lachlan MacTavish is on the run, and needs a nanny fast. Beatrice Cavendish can’t make sense of the near-bankrupt estate left to her by her father.  So when Mac arrives on her doorstep offering a deal, Bea knows she’d be a fool to let this ill-tempered man into her home – but she’d be a bigger fool not to.

ISBN: 0-451-20289-9 CP: 6.99 
BI PRICE: $5.59 

The Pleasure Master
Nina Bangs

Transported back in time to 1542 Scotland, New York hairdresser Kathy Bartlett meets Ian Ross, a rake with a reputation. Learning the men in his family compete to prove their prowess, she swears she will never succumb to him. But as the competition gears up, things between Kathy and Ian heat up faster than she can control.

ISBN: 0-505-52445-7
CP 5.99
BI PRICE $4.79 

The Enchantment
Pam Binder

Returning from the Crusades to find the McCloud castle taken over, Conor McCloud time-travels to modern day Seattle and begs Eilan Douglas to help with her gift. She agrees, but 14th century Scotland is no place for a woman with her powers. Now, Conor must save Eilan from charges of witchcraft. 

ISBN: 0-7434-1794-1
CP 6.50
BI PRICE $5.20

Pam McCutcheon

Fleeing from an unfaithful fiancé, Gina Charles checks into a motel, and finds the room occupied by the ghost of mesmerist Drake Manton. She agrees to help him piece together the details of his death, and suddenly finds herself in 1885 standing face-to-face with the living Drake – who’s even more handsome than his apparition.

ISBN: 0-8217-6906-5
CP 5.99
BI PRICE $4.79 

Life Skills
Katie Fforde

After quitting her job and breaking off her engagement, Julia Fairfax boards a rickety old hotel boat, passing herself off as a gourmet cook looking for adventure. As she sails England’s scenic canals, Julia’s new life is soon anchored by an old boyfriend, a meddling mother, and a spurned fiancé. 

ISBN: 0-312-97946-0 CP: 6.99 
BI PRICE: $5.59 

My Lady Beloved
Linda Lael Miller 
writing as 
Lael St. James 

Gabriella Redclift is abducted by Morgan Chalstrey, Duke of Edgefield, as revenge against her fiancé, Sir Cyprian Avendall, for his undoing of Morgan’s beloved Rebecca. Morgan means Gabriella no harm, but when she discovers her fiancé is far from chivalrous, she might become a willing participant in her own corruption. 

ISBN: 0-671-53787-3 CP: 6.99 
BI PRICE: $5.59 

The Cowboys : Matt
Leigh Greenwood

To end his standoff with respectable society, Matt knew he’d have to take a wife. Ellen agreed to act as a mother for the two boys he’d sworn to protect, if he’d be a father to the two children she’d bring to their union. It was a business arrangement – but nothing prepared him for the desires Ellen would soon incite.

ISBN: 0-8439-4877-9
CP 5.99
BI PRICE $4.79 

Highland Knight
Hannah Howell

When Avery Murray is awarded to Cameron MacAlpin as payment for a debt, he can’t believe his fortune. Avery is the perfect weapon to sue against her brother, who dishonored Cameron’s sister. Cameron’s plan to avenge his clan is thwarted by golden-haired Avery, who tempts him to forget everything but the passion coursing through his blood.

ISBN: 0-8217-6817-4
CP 5.99
BI PRICE $4.79 

The Prisoner
Karyn Monk

Genevieve MacPhail knew that harboring Haydon Kent, a condemned fugitive, was risky, but she didn’t believe the handsome nobleman was a cold-blooded murderer. Haydon escaped to prove his innocence. To help him, Genevieve pretends that Haydon is her new husband – but she finds herself succumbing to the dangerous desire that could destroy them both. 

ISBN: 0-553-57762-X

The Warrior
Kathleen Nance

Undercover FBI agent Armond Marceux returns from an assignment with amnesia, unable to remember that passionate night with vegetarian chef Callie Gabriel. Although Callie, now pregnant, insists she doesn’t need him, she is the key to unlocking Armond’s memories – and his passions.

ISBN: 0-505-52417-1
CP 5.99
BI PRICE $4.79 


More Than a Mistress
Mary Balogh

When Jane Ingleby interferes with a duel in London’s Hyde Park involving the scandalous Duke of Tresham, he gets shot. He hires her as his nurse, vowing that she will share in his misery as he recovers. As she scolds his bad manners and learns his secrets, Tresham offers to put Jane up in his townhouse. Love is the last thing on his mind.

ISBN: 0-440-22601-5
CP 4.99
BI PRICE $3.99

The Protectors : Sweet Caroline’s Keeper
Beverly Barton

He was there when her father was murdered, and has watched her grow up. But bodyguard David Wolfe, Caroline McGuire’s secret protector, is forced out of hiding when he discovers she’s in danger. Caroline is no longer an orphaned child, but a beautiful woman aching for love. He can protect her from a killer – but can he protect her from himself?

ISBN: 0-373-48430-5
CP 5.99
BI PRICE $4.79

The Texas Brand : The Homecoming
Maggie Shayne

On the run with her seven-year-old son after witnessing a murder, Jasmine Jones must build a new identity. Claiming to be a long-lost relative of the close-knit Brands of Texas is her only chance to survive. But sexy Luke Brand starts asking questions, and her desperate pleas soon obscure Luke’s quest for the truth. 

ISBN: 0-373-48429-1
CP 5.99
BI PRICE $4.79

A Diamond in the Rough
Andrea Pickens

Derrien Edwards dares to go where no woman has gone before : the golf course at St. Andrews, posing as a male caddie. The Viscount Marquand is not a typical lord, spurning the gaming halls and brothels favored by other men of the ton. But while in Scotland, he’s paired with an impudent caddie named “Derry” – and takes a chance on love.

ISBN: 0-451-20385-2
CP 4.99
BI PRICE $3.99

Going to the Chapel
by Rochelle Alers, Gwynne Forster, Donna Hill, and Francis Ray.

This African-American anthology features short stories where each bride-to-be experiences the anxieties of cultural clashes with her future groom. 

ISBN: 0-312-97894-4 CP: 6.99 
BI PRICE: $5.59 

The Bad Man’s Bride : Marrying Miss Bright
Susan Kay Law 

In the first book of a trilogy that features the adventures of the well-bred but now penniless Bright sisters, Anthea takes a job in Haven, Kansas, as a schoolmarm – then proceeds to tame the town’s “baddest” man, Gabriel Jackson.

ISBN: 0-380-81906-6
CP 5.99
BI PRICE $4.79 

The Best of 
Betty Neels
CP 4.50
BI PRICE $3.60

Once For All Time

ISBN: 0-373-51148-5

Not Once, But Twice
ISBN: 0-373-51146-9

Roses and Champagne
ISBN: 0-373-51149-3

Tangled Autumn
ISBN: 0-373-51147-7

BI PRICE $3.99

#563: The Wedding Wager
Deborah Hale
ISBN: 0-373-29163-9

#564: The Marshal and Mrs. O’Malley
Julianne MacLean
ISBN: 0-373-29164-7

#565: The Sea Sprite
Ruth Langan
ISBN: 0-373-29165-5

#566: The Virtuous Cyprian
Nicola Cornick
ISBN: 0-373-29166-3
BI PRICE $2.80

#3655: Wife by Arrangement
Lucy Gordon
ISBN: 0-373-03655-8

#3656: A Convenient Affair
Leigh Michaels
ISBN: 0-373-03656-6

#3657: The Husband Campaign
Barbara McMahon
ISBN: 0-373-03657-4

#3658: Twins Included!
Grace Green
ISBN: 0-373-03658-2

CP 3.99
BI PRICE $3.19

#833: Seducing Mr. Right
Cherry Adair
ISBN: 0-373-25933-6

#834: Dangerously Irresistible
Kristin Gabriel
ISBN: 0-373-25934-4

#835: Insatiable
Julie Elizabeth Leto
ISBN: 0-373-25935-2

#836: Secret Fantasy
Carly Phillips
ISBN: 0-373-25936-0
 CP 4.25
BI PRICE $3.40

#617: Secret Bodyguard
B.J. Daniels
ISBN: 0-373-22617-9

#618: His Witness, Her Child
Ann Voss Peterson
ISBN: 0-373-22618-7

#619: Sudden Engagement
Julie Miller
ISBN: 0-373-22619-5

#620: The Lawman Who Loved Her
Mallory Kane
ISBN: 0-373-22620-9

[BI PRICE $2.98]
1st to order one of these titles gets additional 10% off

BI PRICE $3.19

#1369: A Lady for Lincoln Cade
B.J. James
ISBN: 0-373-76369-7

#1370: The Millionaire’s Secret Wish
Leanne Banks
ISBN: 0-373-76370-0

#1371: A Most Desirable M.D.
Anne Marie Winston
ISBN: 0-373-76371-9

#1372: More to Love
Dixie Browning
ISBN: 0-373-76372-7

#1373: Wyoming Cinderella
Cathleen Galitz
ISBN: 0-373-76373-5

#1374: His Baby Surprise
Kathie Denosky
ISBN: 0-373-76374-3
 CP 4.25
BI PRICE $3.40

#877: His Shotgun Proposal
Karen Toller Whittenburg
ISBN: 0-373-16877-2

#878: Struck by the Texas Matchmakers
Judy Christenberry
ISBN: 0-373-16878-0

#879: Bachelor-Auction Bridegroom
Mollie Molay
ISBN: 0-373-16879-9

#880: Family : The Secret Ingredient
Leandra Logan
ISBN: 0-373-16880-2
BI PRICE $3.19

#2181: Marriage at a Price
Miranda Lee
ISBN: 0-373-12181-4

#2182: The Arabian Mistress
Lynne Graham
ISBN: 0-373-12182-2

#2183: The Determined Husband
Lee Wilkinson
ISBN: 0-373-12183-0

#2184: A Scandalous Engagement
Cathy Williams
ISBN: 0-373-12184-9

#2185: Bride on Demand
Kay Thorpe
ISBN: 0-373-12185-7

#2186: Yesterday and Forever
Sandra Marton
ISBN: 0-373-12186-5
CP 4.50
BI PRICE $3.60

#1081: Hard-Headed Texan
Candace Camp
ISBN: 0-373-27151-4

#1082: Familiar Stranger
Sharon Sala
ISBN: 0-373-27152-2

#1083: Daddy with a Badge
Paula Detmer Riggs
ISBN: 0-373-27153-0

#1084: Moonglow, Texas
Mary McBride
ISBN: 0-373-27154-9

#1085: Cops and …Lovers?
Linda Castillo
ISBN: 0-373-27155-7

#1086: Dangerous Attraction
Susan Vaughan
ISBN: 0-373-27156-5

#1522: An Officer and a Princess
Carla Cassidy
ISBN: 0-373-19522-2

#1523: Her Tycoon Boss
Karen Rose Smith
ISBN: 0-373-19523-0

#1524: A Child for Cade
Patricia Thayer
ISBN: 0-373-19524-9

#1525: The Baby Season
Alice Sharpe
ISBN: 0-373-19525-7

#1526: Blind-Date Bride
Myrna MacKenzie
ISBN: 0-373-19526-5

#1527: The Littlest Wrangler
Belinda Barnes
ISBN: 0-373-19527-3

#1399: The Stranger in Room 205
Gina Wilkins
ISBN: 0-373-24399-5

#1400: Shelter in a Soldier’s Arms
Susan Mallery
ISBN: 0-373-24400-2

#1401: The M.D. Meets his Match
Marie Ferrarella
ISBN: 0-373-24401-0

#1402: Invitation to a Wedding
Peggy Webb
ISBN: 0-373-24402-9

#1403: Her Sister’s Secret Son
Lisette Belisle
ISBN: 0-373-24403-7

#1404: Almost a Bride
Patricia McClinn
ISBN: 0-373-24404-5
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