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June 2001
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JUNE 2001


Circle of Three
Patricia Gaffney

Newly-widowed Carrie struggles to go on for the sake of her teen daughter, Ruth, and her overly possessive mother, Dana. When Carrie’s first love, Jess, reenters her life, she is inspired by a new purpose and must find a way to weave her new life into a family struggling with their own pain and disappointment.  (Fiction)

ISBN : 0-06-109836-1 
CP 7.50 
BI PRICE: $6.00

Firefly Beach
Luanne Rice

Three sisters gather at their childhood home, thinking they’ve put the past behind them. Caroline Renwick and Joe Conner were pen pals as children – until the teenage Joe learned the truth of his father’s death. After years of silence, Caroline still feels a connection, but she wonders if Joe holds the key to her family’s healing – or it’s destruction. (Fiction)

ISBN: 0-553-57320-9 
CP 6.99 
BI PRICE $5.59


Glass Houses
Stella Cameron

British photographer Olivia FitzDurham runs for her life to New York City. The photos she took for a London magazine seemed harmless, but the man who tried to push her off a train meant business. Olivia thinks NYPD detective Aiden Flynn is whom she met online, but he suspects the man she really met poses a threat to her safety – as well as his own. (Fiction)

ISBN: 0-8217-6816-6 
CP 6.99 
BI PRICE $5.59

Hot Six
A Stephanie Plum Novel
Janet Evanovich

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum goes after bail jumper, Ranger – who happens to be Carlos Manoso, former Special Forces Agent turned soldier of fortune, and Stephanie’s mentor. Now Stephanie must test her skills against the master, and also deal with her grandmother, two goons on her tail, and three corpses.  (Mystery/Detective)

ISBN: 0-312-97627-5 
CP 6.99 
BI PRICE $5.59

R.J. Kaiser

Zoe Martin and Billy Blue each own a Van Gogh masterpiece – but on is the original and one is fake. When an art expert, the only one who can tell the paintings apart, is murdered, both paintings wind up in the hands of a wealthy art collector. With their prize slipping further from their grasp, Zoe and Billy realize they must work together. But can they trust each other?

ISBN: 1-55166-8203 
CP 6.50
BI PRICE $5.20

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