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August 2001
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The Switch
Sandra Brown

Melina Lloyd suggests to her identical twin sister Gillian, that she take her place as a media escort to astronaut Col. "Chief" Hart. Later, Melina receives word that Gillian has been brutally murdered, and Hart, though innocent, is the prime suspect. Together, they are determined to find Gillian’s killer. (Fiction/ Thriller) 
ISBN: 0446609943 CP$7.99  BIPrice $6.39

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The Vineyard
Barbara Delinsky 

Natalie Seebring, head of a successful vineyard, plans to marry one of her employees just months after her husband’s death. Faced with her children’s disapproval, Natalie hires writer Olivia Jones to help write her memoirs. For Olivia and her daughter, Tess, a summer at the vineyard seems like a dream come true. But all is not as it seems, and the lives of these two women are parallel in many ways. 
ISBN: 0671036505 CP$7.99 BIPrice $6.39

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Charmed: Beware What You Wish
Constance M. Burge

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are disturbed by the number of tragic incidents in the news, and Phoebe wishes she could foresee the calamities to prevent them. Soon, she’s having more visions than she can handle, and the sisters can’t keep up with the accidents and disasters. A strange spirit has been released from its stone prison, and the power of the Charmed Ones may not be enough to stop it. (FICTION /YA) 
ISBN: 0743412389 CP$5.99 BIPrice $4.79

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Time Traders
Andre Norton

Intelligence agents find out the USA’s greatest adversary can send its agents back through time. Someone or something unknown to history is presenting them with technologies – and weapons – far beyond today’s most advanced science. When small time criminal Ross Murdock and Apache rancher Travis Fox stumble onto America’s secret time travel project, they both become time agents, taking the battle to the enemy. (SCIENCE FICTION) 
ISBN: 0-671-31829-2 CP$6.99 BIPrice $5.59

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Out of this World
J.D. Robb, Laurell K. Hamilton, Susan Krinard, Maggie Shayne

4 bestselling mystery authors contribute to this collection that features a theme of love, supernatural style. Includes a new Lt. Eve Dallas story by J.D. Robb; a new "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" tale from Laurell K. Hamilton; and stories by Susan Krinard and Maggie Shayne. 
ISBN: 0515131091 CP$7.50 BIPrice $6.00

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lost Slayer # 1 : Prophecies
Christopher Golden

The first in a new serial novel begins with the spirit of deceased Slayer Lucy Hanover appearing to Buffy in a dream with news of danger. With a unified troop of vampires in Sunnydale, the timing couldn’t be worse. But a moment of bad judgment catapults Buffy into the body of her 24-year-old self – a prisoner in an alternate reality that is beyond her worst nightmares. Original. (FANTASY) 
ISBN: 0743411854 CP$2.99 BIPrice $2.39

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Shooting Stars : Ice
V.C. Andrews 

The second book in the Shooting Stars miniseries introduces Ice Goodman, who has an incredible singing voice that makes her an object of jealousy - especially by her own mother. But when deception and tragedy threaten to destroy her dreams, Ice must find the strength to hold her world together - and her talent could be her saving grace. (FICTION) 
ISBN: 0671039946 CP$4.99 BIPrice $3.99

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Mendoza in Hollywood
Kage Baker

In the 24th century, Dr. Zeus, Inc. finds the secret to time travel, and immortals dedicated to the company’s goal to 'make money and improve the lot of humankind' dot Earth’s history. The Botanist Mendoza is stranded in a stagecoach inn in the California desert destined to become Los
Angeles when he mirror-image of her centuries-dead lover walks through the inn’s door. Targeted print ads. (SCIENCE FICTION) ISBN: 0380819007 CP$6.99 BIPrice $5.59

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Mad Morgan
Kerry Newcomb

After escaping the Cuban sugar cane fields, where he was forced into slavery, Welshman Henry Morgan was soon commanding a former prison barge manned by criminals and misfits. Driven by his hatred of the Spanish crown, Morgan rampaged across the Spanish Main. But everything changed when Morgan set his eyes on the woman betrothed to the man determined to hunt him down. (FICTION /HISTORICAL) 
ISBN: 0312977417 CP$6.50 BIPrice $5.20

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All Signs Point to Murder
Kat Goldring 

The first in a new series introduces schoolteacher Willi Gallagher in the strange town of Nickleberry. Willi overhears two students whispering about witchcraft and murder while in the school library, but, of course, Willi can’t jump to conclusions. It’s not until one of her
students is found dead that the town starts listening - and Willi must sift through clues to put the rumors, and the killer, to rest. (MYSTERY) 
ISBN: 0425180298 CP$5.99 BIPrice $4.79

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The Jewel of the North : A Jack London Mystery
Peter King

This first title in a new mystery series features author Jack London (The Call of the Wild) as a sleuth during his early days as a struggling writer living on San Francisco’s Barbary Coast. Jack is called on by the mayor when two saloon hall girls, who arrived together on board the same ship from Alaska, The Jewel of the North, are found murdered. (MYSTERY) 
ISBN: 0451203836 CP$5.99 BIPrice $4.79

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