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  August 2001

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Dark Fire
Christine Feehan

The sixth book in the authorís Dark series presents Darius and Tempestís story. Tempest had always been different and apart from others. From the moment Dariusís arms closed around her, enveloping her in a sorcererís spell, he seemed to understand her unique gifts. But, did his kiss offer the love and belonging she sought, or a danger more potent than his own panthers? 
ISBN: 0505524473 CP$5.99 BIPrice $4.79

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Mary Balogh

When Lord Ferdinand Dudley wins a house and estate in Somersetshire at a card game, he is delighted as, though a wealthy man, he is not a landowner. However, when he goes to see his new home, he finds Viola Thornhill living there and claiming that the property was willed to her two years before. (August 7, 2001) 
ISBN: 0385335296 List Price: $19.95 BIPrice: $15.96

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Pam Binder

Conor McCloud returns from the Crusades to discover his cousin has taken possession of Inverness, the McCloud castle. Conor makes a promise to a dying friend: seek out the woman whom a witch said could heal the land... a woman from another time and place. Eilan Dougan has an uncanny ability to sense others' thoughts and when a dark Highlander appears and begs her help, she can't refuse. Now instead of Eilan saving Conor, Conor must rescue Eilan from charges of witchcraft. (August 28, 2001) 
ISBN: 0743417941 List Price: $6.50 BIPrice $5.20

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The Texas Ranger
Diana Palmer

Texas Ranger Marc Brannon is involved in a high profile murder case, and comes face to face with the woman he has never forgotten. Josette Langley is an investigator determined to do her job even if it means going against the man she loves. When Josette crosses those who will do anything to bury the truth, Marc and Josette are thrown together in a deadly game of intrigue. 
ISBN: 1551668432 CP$6.99 BIPrice $5.59

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The Devilís Heiress
Jo Beverley

Burdened with the wealth of a man she despised, Clarissa Greystone is a fortune hunterís dream. Major George Hawkinville, just returned from the battlefields of Waterloo, embarks on a campaign to win the hand - if not the heart - of a wealthy heiress. But when Clarissa boldly steps into his trap, Hawk is unprepared for the passion that ignites. 
ISBN: 0451202546 CP$6.99 BIPrice $5.59

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To Tame a Wild Heart
Tracy Fobes 

Convinced that Sarah, the beautiful woman who can communicate with the animals of the Scottish moors, is his long-lost daughter, the Duke of Argyll offers to leave her his estate if she takes her place in society. Her first duty is to become a lady under the tutelage of the dukeís erstwhile heir, the provocative Earl of Cawdor. Sarah savors the simmering passions the cynical earl arrouses in her. 
ISBN: 0743412788 CP$6.50 BIPrice $5.20

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White Lionís Lady
Tina St. John 

Heiress Isabel de Lamere is abducted on her way to her own wedding, unaware that the scoundrel who plans to use her for his own gain is the cherished champion of her childhood : Griffin, the White Lion. Yet as she discovers his treachery, Isabel cannot deny that Griffin lingers in
her dreams, awakening the passion in her steadfast heart. 
ISBN: 0804119627 CP$6.99 BIPrice $5.59

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The China Bride
Mary Jo Putney 

Born to a Scottish father and a Chinese mother, Troth Montgomery dreamed of traveling to Scotland, but her fatherís death condemned her to a shadowy life as an interpreter in Canton. Viscount Kyle Renbourne persuades Troth to be his guide on a dangerous journey into the Celestial Kingdom - and into the heart of searing passion. 
ISBN: 0449005895 CP$6.99 BIPrice $5.59

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Devil in a Kilt

Welfonder To ease tensions between his clan and the MacDonnellís, 12th century Scottish knight Duncan McKenzie takes plain Linnet MacDonnell, a renowned seer, as his bride. Duncan believes she can explain the truth behind his tormented past, but Linnet sees the dark knight of her most frightening visions - a man who makes her long for the fierce love sheís always resisted.
ISBN: 0446610259 CP$5.99 BIPrice $4.79

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The Coltons : I Married a Sheik
Sharon De Vita

Joe Coltonís honorary son, Sheik Ali El-Etra, had promised to present his betrothed to the people and whether she liked it or not, Faith Martin, his new hotshot consultant, was going to be that woman. Although tempted by Aliís smoldering charm, sheís determined to take her high-handed boss down a peg. 
ISBN: 0-373-38706-7 CP$4.50 BIPrice $3.60

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CP$3.99 BIPrice $3.19

#841: Relentless
Leslie Kelly
ISBN: 0373259417

#842: A Wife for Owen Chase
Kristine Rolofson
ISBN: 0373259425

#843: Bedroom Eyes
Sandra Chastain
ISBN: 0373259433

#844: Wild Fantasy
Janelle Denison
ISBN: 0373259441

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Grand Design
Karen Fox

While restoring the damaged portrait of handsome Prince Dimitri Karakov, artist Cynda Madison discovers he was tragically killed at the Chesterfield Hotel in 1887. Cynda finds the paintingís tarnished nameplate in an old hope chest, and is transported back in time where whe meets the prince. Cynda knows she must prevent his death to return to her own life - but can she prevent herself from falling in love? 
ISBN: 0821769030 CP$5.99 BIPrice $4.79

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Harlequin Take 5, Vol. #1 : Tender Love Stories
Debbie Macomber, Diana Palmer, Patricia Knoll

5 short yet entertaining love stories features tender love stories with a gentle sense of humor : 'Yesterday Once More', 'Adamís Image', 'Roomful of Roses', 'Woman Hater', and 'Always a Bridesmaid'. 
ISBN: 0373834926 CP$4.99 BIPrice $3.99

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Harlequin Take 5, Vol. #2 : Passion
Jayne Ann Krentz, Sheryl Woods, Candace Schuler

This new series features five short yet entertaining love stories features stories of sizzling passion : 'Call it Destiny', 'Velvet Touch', 'Heartland', 'Soul Mates', and 'Designing
ISBN: 0373834934 CP$4.99 BIPrice $3.99

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Harlequin Take 5, Vol. #3 : Home and Family
Heather Graham, Dallas Schulze, Elda Minger

Designed especially for the busy woman with limited time to read, this
new series features five short love stories, each of which can be read
in a single sitting. Volume 3 features stories of home and family: 'All
in the Family', 'Tell Me a Story', 'Saturdayís Child', 'Wedding of the
Year', and 'Seize the Fire'. 
ISBN: 0373834942 CP$4.99 BIPrice $3.99

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Harlequin Take 5, Vol. # 4 : Suspense and Adventure
Tess Gerritsen, Annette Broadrick, Mary Lynn Baxter

Harlequinís newest series features five short yet entertaining love
stories ideal for busy women, with each volume sampling a different
style of romance. Volume 4 features suspenseful stories : 'Under the
Knife', 'Adamís Story', 'Return to Yesterday', 'Everything But Time',
and 'Marriage, Diamond Style'. 
ISBN : 0373834950 CP$4.99 BIPrice $3.99

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CP$3.99 BIPrice $3.19

#2193: A Passionate Proposition
Susan Napier
ISBN: 0373121938

#2194: To Become a Bride
Carole Mortimer
ISBN: 0373121946

#2195: The Hot-Blooded Groom
Emma Darcy
ISBN: 0373121954

#2196: Marriage at His Convenience
Jacqueline Baird
ISBN: 0373121962

#2197: Mistress on His Terms
Catherine Spencer
ISBN: 0373121970

#2198: Her Secret Pregnancy
Sharon Kendrick
ISBN: 0373121989

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CP$3.99 BIPrice $3.19

#3663: The Provocative Proposal
Day LeClaire
ISBN: 0373036639

#3664: Husbands of the Outback :
Genniís Dilemma/Charlotteís Choice

Margaret Way/Barbara Hannay
ISBN: 0373036647

#3665: Husband for a Year
Rebecca Winters
ISBN: 0373036655

#3666: The Bachelorís Baby!
Liz Fielding
ISBN: 037303663

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CP$4.99 BIPrice $3.99

#1002: Married in Montana
Lynnette Kent
ISBN: 037371002X

#1003: Something About Eve
Debra Salonen
ISBN: 0373710038

#1004: Leave It to Max
Lori Handeland

ISBN: 0373710046

#1005: My Private Detective
Rebecca Winters
ISBN: 0373710054

#1006: The First Daughter
K.N. Casper
ISBN: 0373710062

#1007: Two Much Alike
Pamela Bauer
ISBN: 0373710070

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CP$3.99 BIPrice $3.19

#1381: Hard to Forget
Annette Broadrick
ISBN: 0373763816

#1382: A Loving Man
Cait London
ISBN: 0373763824

#1383: Having His Child
Amy J. Fetzer
ISBN: 0373763832

#1384: Baby of Fortune
Shirley Rogers
ISBN: 0373763840

#1385: Undercover Sultan
Alexandra Sellers
ISBN: 0373763859

#1386: Beauty in His Bedroom
Ashley Summers
ISBN: 0373763867

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CP$3.99 BIPrice $3.19

#1534: Stranded with the Sergeant
Cathie Linz
ISBN: 0373195346

#1535: So Dear to My Heart
Arlene James
ISBN: 0373195354

#1536: Doctor in Demand
Karen Rose Smith
ISBN: 0373195362

#1537: His Band of Gold
Melissa McClone
ISBN: 0373195370

#1538: The Heiress Takes a Husband
Cara Colter
ISBN: 0373195389

#1539: His Baby, Her Heart
Sue Swift
ISBN: 0373195397

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CP$5.99 BIPrice $4.79

#57: Lady and the Scamp/The Doctor Dilemma
Candy Halliday/Dianne Drake
ISBN: 037344124X

#58: Blind Date Disasters/Eat Your Heart Out
Jill Shalvis
ISBN: 0373441231


Love Inspired : Loving Thy Neighbor
Ruth Scofield

Love Inspired : Secrets of the Heart
Gail Gaymer Martin

Love Inspired : The Doctorís Miracle
Anna Schmidt

CP$4.50 BIPrice $3.60

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CP$4.50 BIPrice $3.60

#1411: Courting the Enemy
Sherryl Woods
ISBN: 0373244118

#1412: The Marriage Agreement
Christine Rimmer
ISBN: 0373244126

#1413: Bachelor Cop Finally Caught?
Gina Wilkins
ISBN: 0373244134

#1414: Tall, Dark and Difficult
Patricia Coughlin
ISBN: 0373244142

#1415: Her Hand-Picked Family
Jennifer Mickels
ISBN: 0373244150

#1416: Millionaire in Disguise
Jean Brashear
ISBN: 0373244169

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CP$4.50 BIPrice $3.60

#1093: Her Guardian Agent
Terese Ramin
ISBN: 0373271638

#1094: Born of Passion
Carla Cassidy
ISBN: 0373271646

#1095: Interrupted Lullaby
Valerie Parv
ISBN: 0373271654

#1096: Plain-Jane Princess
Karen Templeton
ISBN: 0373271662

#1097: Hot on His Trail
Linda Winstead Jones
ISBN: 0373271670

#1098: Too Close for Comfort
Sharon Mignerey
ISBN: 0373271689

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CP$4.50 BIPrice $3.60

#885: Randall Price
Judy Christenberry
ISBN: 0373168853

#886: Bold and Brave-Hearted
Charlotte Maclay
ISBN: 0373168861

#887: Twins Time Two!
Lisa Bingham
ISBN: 037316887X

#888: Court-Appointed Marriage
Dianne Castell
ISBN: 0373168888

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CP$4.50 BIPrice $3.60

#1: Notorious
Vicki Lewis Thompson
ISBN: 0373790058

#2: Going For It
Jo Leigh
ISBN: 0373790066

#3: Too Sexy!
Stephanie Bond
ISBN: 0373790074

#4: Exposed
Julie Elizabeth Leto
ISBN: 0373790082

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CP$4.99 BIPrice $3.99

#571: The Widowís Little Secret
Judith Stacy
ISBN: 037329171X

#572: Celtic Bride
Margo Maguire
ISBN: 0373291728

#573: The Lawman Takes a Wife
Anne Avery
ISBN: 0373291736

#574: Lady Polly
Nicola Cornick
ISBN: 0373291744

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CP$4.50 BIPrice $3.60

#625: The Man from Texas
Rebecca York
ISBN: 037322625X

#626: The Tempted
Amanda Stevens
ISBN: 0373226268

#627: His Only Desire
Adrianne Lee
ISBN: 0373226276

#628: Guarding Jane Doe
Harper Allen
ISBN: 0373226284

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