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April 2001
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APRIL 2001
The Villa
Nora Roberts book cover THE VILLA by Nora Roberts  

Set in the lush vineyards of the Napa Valley, The Villa is where family
and business collide and deadly secrets threaten to destroy a proud
heritage and an unexpected love.  Tereza, the matriarch of the Giambelli family, has announced a merger with the MacMillan family’s winery – a
move which throws together Sophia Giambelli with Tyler MacMillan.  Sophia is torn between a powerful attraction and a professional rivalry
until acts of sabotage threaten both the family business and the family
itself.  448 pp.

ISBN: 0399147128
List Price: $25.95

Our Price: $20.76
The Bride and the Beast
Teresa Medeiros book cover THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST  

Using the timeless “Beauty and the Beast” theme, the story of the Dragon of Castle Weycraig begins as superstitious Highlanders leave a helpless virgin in the courtyard to satisfy the Dragon’s  appetite.  When Gwendolyn Wilder defies the dragon, he makes her his prisoner so he won’t be exposed.  But under the Dragon’s gruff exterior beats the heart of a passionate man.  

ISBN: 055358183X 
List Price: $6.50

Our Price: $5.20
Going Overboard
Christina Skyebook cover GOING OVERBOARD by Christina Skye  

Carly Sullivan is looking for love, or at least some fun, on a Caribbean  cruise.  She gets more than she bargained for in Ford McKay.  He says he’s a rancher from Wyoming, but Carly’s suspicions prove true
when he turns out to be a daring spy.  What starts as a race from danger becomes a perilous adventure where Carly and Ford are about to risk not only their lives, but their hearts. 

ISBN: 0440235758
List Price: $6.99

Our Price: $5.59
A Season for Scandal : Tangled Reins/Fair Juno
Stephanie Laurens book cover A SEASON FOR SCANDAL by Stephanie Laurens  

This special two-in-one volume contains two full-length novels that tell the stories of two English noblemen who pursue true love among scandal and danger during the Regency period in England.  Includes the stories Tangled Reins and Fair Juno. 

ISBN: 0373834799
List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $4.79
Susan Johnson book cover TEMPTING by Susan Johnson  

Tempting heralds Susan Johnson’s debut as a writer of erotic historical
romance novels as she combines her storytelling skills with breathtaking
sensuality into the tale of a princess who chooses passion over
propriety in the arms of an American marquis.  352 pp.
ISBN: 1575668033
List Price: $15.00

Our Price: $12.00
The Heir
Johanna Lindsey book cover THE HEIR by Johanna Lindsey  

Sabrina wishes she were not being guided through her first London season by family friend, Ophelia.  Even less keen to be in the city is Duncan MacTavish, who’s uninterested in his newly inherited title and unhappy about his engagement to Ophelia.  His unwanted betrothal brings Duncan
close to Sabrina, who delights him with her wit, charm, and beauty.  But
a secret forbids their union.  

ISBN: 0380793342
List Price: $7.99

Our Price: $6.39
Aphrodite’s Kiss
Julie Kenner  

On her 25th birthday, Zoe Smith had the chance to become a superhero.  With her new powers, how was she going to give herself the birthday gift she’d really set her heart on – P.I. George Taylor?  But George was looking for an average Jane – he could never love a super-hero-to-be,
could he? 
ISBN: 0505524384
  List Price: $5.99
Our Price: $4.79
The Half Breed
Bobbi Smith 

Chase knew he had no claim to the Circle M ranch in Texas.  His father had made it painfully clear he wanted nothing to do with his bastard son or the Comanche girl he’d taken to his bed.  But Chase had his own
reason for answering Tom McBride’s deathbed summons.  He had a job to do as a Texas Ranger, and a woman to protect – one whose sweet innocence gave him a new faith in love.
ISBN: 0843948531  
List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $4.79
Highland Rogues : The Fraser Bride
Lois Greimanbook cover FRASER BRIDE Highland Rogues by Lois Greiman  

Ramsay McGowan is bewitched by the sleeping beauty he finds on his land,
and the tale she tells convinces him to be Anora Fraser’s protector.
Her stories of bandits and terror are falsehoods meant to mask a
dangerous truth.  And though Ramsay has had his fill of beautiful,
conniving lassies, he can’t resist the exquisite deceiver his strong
arms ache to enfold. 

ISBN: 0380815400
List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $4.79
I Dream of You
Judi McCoybook cover I DREAM OF YOU  

Maddy Winston has had it : her no-good fiance has walked out, her
business is being sabotaged, and now someone is playing a practical joke on her – with the help of a dingy old bottle and a magician who keeps
appearing out of nowhere.  Abben ben Abdullah, or “Ben”, is a genie who’s determined to grant her every wish.  And Maddy soon realizes the only thing she wants is him. 

ISBN: 082177140X
List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $4.79
Tamara Leigh 

Desperate to put to an end the humiliating rumors surrounding his lack of an heir, Lord Bernart Kinthorpe orders his virgin wife, Juliana, to
the bed of his sworn enemy, Lord Gabriel de Vere.  Although she expects to feel revulsion and pain in the arms of the man responsible for her husband’s impotence, Juliana finds a man of passion and honor.

ISBN: 0843948558  
List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $4.79
The Firebrand
Susan Wiggs book cover THE FIREBRAND by Susan Wiggs  

During the Great Fire of Chicago, Lucy Hathaway catches a baby tossed
from the window of a burning building.  Lucy raises the child, Maggie,
as her own.  Four years later, she encounters Randolph Higgins, and old
friend whose daughter supposedly died in the fire.  Knowing that Maggie
is his daughter, Lucy marries Randolph, but clashes over Lucy’s
political pursuits put them at odds.

ISBN: 1551668017
List Price: $6.99

Our Price: $5.59
One Man’s Love
Book One of The Highland Lords
Karen Ranney book cover ONE MAN'S LOVE Highland Lords by Karen Ranney  

Alec Landers fell in love with Leitis McRae on the Scottish Highlands as
a boy.  The now-grown Earl of Sherbourne returns to Scotland as a
British colonel, and an enemy to Leitis.  She agrees to be his prisoner
in her uncle’s place, but is confused by the passion she feels for her
captor.  And Alec dares not reveal who he is – or his dangerous secret
identity as Raven, outlaw defender of the Scots.
ISBN: 0380813009
List Price: $ 5.99

Our Price: $4.79
Arabesque :  
A Royal Vow
Tamara Sneed book cover A ROYAL VOW

As heir to an island kingdom, Davis Beriyiua’s life is planned out for him, including who he marries.  Determined to have one last chance at freedom before his arranged marriage, he disguises himself as a building
handyman, and falls for pretty tenant Abbie Barnes.  Davis realizes he would gladly trade his kingdom for a normal life, and the chance to win her heart.
ISBN: 158314143X 
List Price: $ 5.99

Our Price: $4.79
The Night The Stars Fell
Christina Kingston book cover THE NIGHT THE  STARS FELL  

By day, Lady Katherine is the chatelaine of her family estate, but by
night, under the guise of a highwayman, Katherine gathers evidence to
clear her brother’s name of crimes he did not commit.  Her secrets are
well-kept – until she is followed everywhere by Colonel Chalfont
Blysdale, the man she longs to run to, but who could tear her world

ISBN: 0515130419
List Price: $ 5.99

Our Price: $4.79
Midnight Honor
Marsha Canham book cover MIDNIGHT HONOR by Marsha Canham  

Angus Moy, chief of Clan Chattan, was everything Lady Anne could ever
want in a husband – until the winds of war made him into a traitor.
Torn between her faith in her king and love for her husband, Anne joins
her people in battle.  But when she is captured by the enemy, Angus has
but one chance to rescue her – and redeem himself in the eyes of the
woman he had vowed to honor and protect forever. 

ISBN: 0440235227 
List Price: $6.50

Our Price: $5.20
Arabesque : Her 1-800 Husband
Shirley Hailstock book cover HIS 1 800 WIFE by Shirley Hailstock  

Fed up with her meddling family, Catherine Carson had the perfect plan –
make a deal with nice guy Jarrod Greene to marry her for six months,
then divorce.  But when Jarrod sparks a completely unexpected desire,
Catherine must discover what she really wants before she can find
everything she’s dreamed of. 

ISBN: 158314157X
List Price: $ 5.99

Our Price: $4.79
Texas Sheikhs: His Innocent Temptress
Kasey Michaels  

This first title in a four-book miniseries on the Texas Sheikhs, three
-cowboy brothers and their soon-to-be-discovered secret sibling, opens
the story as eldest son Alex Coleman refuses to disgrace the family name
by seducing an innocent like Hannah Clark.  But when she turns the
tables, the infamous horsebreeder finds her impossible to resist. 

ISBN: 0-373-16869-1  
List Price: $4.25

Our Price: $3.40
The Bad Luck Wedding Night
Geralyn Dawson  
Sarah tries not to recall how her husband Nick wooed, wed, then deserted
her in the name of duty a decade ago.  Successful and content as a
professional wedding designer, Sarah neglected to have her marriage
annulled.  Isn’t it just her bad luck that Nick is now back – and in
need of a wife?  But Nick’s years as a spy for the Crown have taught him
many things – including patience.
ISBN: 0671034499
List Price: $6.50

Our Price: $5.20
The Mermaids of Penperro
Lisa Cach 

Disguising herself as a mermaid to distract agents of the crown scouring
the Cornish coast, the proper Konstanze finds her greatest danger lies
in the liberating power of a smuggler’s kiss.

ISBN: 0505524376
List Price: $5.50

Our Price: $4.40
The Innocent
Bertrice Small book cover THE INNOCENT by Beatrice Small  

Eleanore of Ashlin promised her life to God, but with her brother’s untimely death, Eleanore becomes the heiress of an estate vital to England’s defenses.  Now she is ordered to wed one of the king’s knights rather than take her final vows.  Ranulf de Glandeville is aware his bride wants no man; yet his patience and growing love for his wife soon awaken Eleanore’s passions.  

ISBN: 0449006727
List Price: $6.99

Our Price: $5.59
Matters of the Heart : book cover MATTERS OF THE HEART
With Marriage in Mind/
You’re My Baby/
I’m Going to be a ….What?!

Pamela Morsi, Ann Major, and
Annette Broadrick  

In three new stories by three beloved authors, a trio of Texas-born brothers is about to discover that Mother knows best : that a strong man does need a good woman, and babies make a forever family. 

ISBN: 0373484275
List Price: $6.50

Our Price: $5.20
The Lady and the Lion
Cynthia Kirk   

Blaming herself for her husband’s death, archaeologist Charlotte Fairchild gave up her greatest love : Egypt.  Then dangerously handsome
Welshman Dylan Pierce, known as the “Lion”, came into her life, and Charlotte relied on his help from an ancient curse that followed her back to England – and the greedy men who seek to harm her. 

ISBN: 0843948566
List Price: $4.99

Our Price: $3.99
HARLEQUIN ROMANCE #3647:  An Ideal Wife
Betty Neels
ISBN: 0-373-03647-7
List Price: $3.50

Our Price: $2.80

Roxanne Rustand
ISBN: 0-373-70982-X
List Price: $4.50

Our Price: $3.60
Someone to Love
Kasey Michaels book cover SOMEONE TO LOVE by Kasey Michaels  

Abigail Backworth Maldon, the widow of a drunken husband killed while
climbing out another woman’s window, is in no hurry to remarry.
Determined to salvage the family fortune, she tries to pair her niece
with a suitable, wealthy husband.  With his title and charm, Kipp
Rutland seems a perfect choice.  But to her great distress, Abby finds
she can’t stop thinking of him.
ISBN: 0446605859
List Price: $6.99

Our Price: $5.59
The Secret Swan
Shana Abe
book cover SECRET SWAN by Shanna Abe  

At 15, Lady Amiranth St. Clare wed Tristan Beraint, and was heartbroken when she learned he married her only for her bloodline and deserted her for battle.  A prisoner of war for eight years, Tristan returns home and
is greeted by a woman claiming to be Amiranth’s cousin.  She is familiar – has his wife grown into a breathtaking beauty, or is this another woman who awakens in him a passion he had never known? 

ISBN: 0553582003 
List Price: $ 5.99

Our Price: $4.79
The Officer’s Bride : book cover THE OFFICER'S BRIDE anthology
The Major’s Wife/The Companion/
An Honest Bargain

Merline Lovelace/Deborah Simmons/Julia Justiss  

This collection is comprised of three short stories about three dashing
English officers who return home from war and wage battles of love with
their perfect mates. 

ISBN: 0373834659
List Price: $6.50

Our Price: $5.20
HARLEQUIN AMERICAN ROMANCE#869:  His Innocent Temptress
Kasey Michaels
ISBN: 0-373-16869-1
List Price: $4.25

Our Price: $3.40

HARLEQUIN PRESENTS #2169:  The Demetrios Virgin
Penny Jordan
ISBN: 0-373-12169-5
List Price: $3.99
Our Price: $3.19

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