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January 2001   

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January 2001
book cover LADY PIRATE by L Sands
Lady Pirate
Lynsay Sands 

 Masquerading as her murdered brother and scourging the oceans as the ruthless pirate Captain Red, Valoree is named heir to
Ainsley Castle, and must masquerade as a proper lady – who is married to a nobleman and pregnant – in order to inherit it.  She then finds her heart’s desire unmasked among the ton.

ISBN: 0-8439-4816-7 
List Price: $5.50 

Our Price: $4.40
The Outlaw Bride
Sandra Chastain

Orphan Josie Miller, rescued from the streets and a life of crime, owes everything to Dr. Annie – from her hard-won law degree to her impressive knowledge of medicine.   When a wounded man is brought to Josie’s house, she is determined to save him.  Sims Callahan is clearly a danger, and few believe he’s trying to clear his name.  But Josie can’t control the fire the rugged loner ignites inside her. 

ISBN: 0-553-58047-7
List Price: $5.99 

Our Price: $4.79
The Wolf of 
Haskell Hall
Colleen Shannon 

The new heiress if Haskell Hall is drawn to Ian Griffith, with his amber eyes and tightly leashed sensuality.  Awash in the secretive moonlight of his tower chamber, she bares herself to his fierce passions.  But has she freed a tormented soul with her loving gift, or loosed a demon who hunts unsuspecting women as his prey?  Candleglow gothic romance series.

ISBN: 0-505-52412-0
List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
Bookcover SCOTTISH BRIDE by C Coulter
 The Scottish Bride
Catherine Coulter 

In this final book in Catherine Coulter’s Bride series, the youngest
Sherbrooke brother Tysen, a widower with three children, becomes a new Baron in Scotland.  He visits his new castle, but the locals would as willingly slit his English throat as look at him.  But the Local Bastard, Mary Rose Fordyce, a woman with a soft heart, comes
unexpectedly into his life, in need of his protection. 

ISBN: 0-515-12993-3
List Price: $7.99 

Our Price: $6.39
The Riddle of the Reluctant Rake
Patricia Veryan

When Lieutenant-Colonel Hastings Adair agreed to escort Alice Prior home

from a party, he never imagined he would awaken two days later in a most compromising position.  In trying to prove his innocence, he sets out for the Prior home only to find Alice’s best friend Cecily Hall ready to shoot him.  But when Adair comes to her aid when the pistol misfires, she was inclined to look at him more favorably. (REGENCY)

ISBN: 0-8217-6741-0
List Price: $4.99
Our Price: $3.99
book cover PRICE OF PASSION by S Sizemore
The Price of Passion
Susan Sizemore
Reckless adventurer A. David Evans would do anything to regain the love
of beautiful Cleo Fraser, whom he once possessed and who then betrayed
him.  He returns to the Highlands to reclaim the only treasure he’s ever
truly desired.  Cleo is suspicious of the reappearance of the man who had taken her innocence years before – yet she is tantalized by his
enduring desire for her.

ISBN: 0-380-81651-2 
List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
 Back in Baby’s Arms
Tina Wainscott 

With his dying breath, Maddie’s husband promises to send her an angel to
heal her broken heart.  One year later, Maddie meets Chase, who can’t
remember who he is after he’s rescued from a storm at sea.  He travels from port to port looking for clues to his past.  But as Chase’s
shocking past and true identity emerge, it leads Maddie to a disturbing
mystery and the determination to fight for a love she knows can only be

ISBN: 0-312-97688-7 
List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
My Lord Pirate
Laura Renken

A ruthless pirate devises a plan to kidnap his greatest foe’s intended
fiancee.  But when he abducts the wrong woman, a whirlwind of emotions
begins to sweep them up in a storm of passion. 

ISBN: 0-515-12984-4 
List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79

Tyler Brides : 
Made For Each Other/Behind Closed Doors/The Bride’s Surprise
Kristine Rolofson 

Welcome to Tyler, Wisconsin, a small town with a big secret – and the
newest scandals are about to hit.  Each story in this Harlequin anthology is a bridal story with themes of reunion romance, secret identity, and best friends into lovers.
ISBN: 0-373-83457-8
List Price: $6.50
Our Price: $5.20

Awakening Alex (SIM 1054)  Sullivan Sisters #1
by Ruth Langan
List Price: $4.50 
Our Price: $3.60

Harlequin Duets
List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
#43 Making Mr. Right by  Jamie Ann Denton [and] I Waxed My Legs for This? by Holly Jacobs
 ISBN: 0-373-44109-6

#44 Excuse Me? Whose Baby? by  Jacqueline Diamond [and]Follow That Baby! by Isabel Sharpe
 ISBN: 0-373-44110-X


List Price: $4.50 
Our Price: $3.60
Dark Obsession
Amanda Stevens 

  Hanger 13
Lindsay McKenna 

  Night Mist
Helen R. Myers

  Thunder Mountain
Rachel Lee 

*Note: eBooks available in  MS Reader and Rocket Edition by request.  Inquire about other formats!
Bookcover LOST AND FOUND by J A Krentz
Lost and Found
Jayne Ann Krentz. Hardcover 
(January 15, 2001) Cady Briggs is very useful to Mack Easton-her expertise in art and antiques helps his shadowy, low-profile company, Lost and Found, find missing treasures for high-paying clients.
But as Cady's beloved Aunt Vesta warns her, being useful to a client is one thing-and being used is another. Still, Cady finds it hard to resist the magnetic pull Mack exerts, an attraction she felt from the first time she heard his voice on the phone. And as their work together puts them in an explosive situation, Cady wonders just how much she'd risk for the thrill of being with this man.
When Aunt Vesta dies suddenly, and strange developments affect her family's prestigious gallery, Cady must turn to a man she isn't sure she can trust. And instead of tracking down missing masterpieces, they'll be hunting for a killer....
ISBN: 0399146695 
List Price: $23.95
Our Price: $19.16

Audiobook Audiobook available Unabridged or abridged
CD abridged
RTF Format
The Rose in the Mist 
Fiona Neal
(Medieval Romance) 

Price: Disk = $3.99
Download = $3.50

 The Legacy of Hunter House 

Jeri Smith 

ISBN 1-58608-203-5
Price: Disk = $3.99
Download = $3.50 

Emerald Enchantment 

Lynette Vinet 
(Historical Romance) 

ISBN 1-58608-257-4 
Price: Disk = $3.99
Download = $3.50  

Journey's End 

Patricia Crossley 
(Time Travel Romance)

ISBN 1-58608-166-7 
Price: Disk = $3.99
Download = $3.50 

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