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*We recommend you put books wanted on hold... we cannot promise titles to be available unless they are "on hold".

Our internet trade-in policy is the same as if you walked into the store. You get credits (CPV) for ACCEPTED trade-ins and CPV (trade-in credits) will give you a DISCOUNT on your purchases. For Internet, we will also give you CPV for the amount of your postage (must be sent Media Mail). You will pay the discounted amount for the books your order and your postage for your order. Any "extra CPV" are written on a card for your use on future book orders. (Internet customers can keep their trade-credits listed here for ease in ordering.) 

Email your trade list of books for pre-approval -- include cover price and release date! Michele will verify which books can be used for trade-in credits (usually 75% of cover) and the amount of credit offered in a return email. You then mail the books and we will use the postal sticker to add that amount to your CPV for sending the trade-in books.  We assume that the books are in VG condition as you have stated... if there is a problem, we will email you upon receipt of package.  All unacceptable books will be donated to charity with NO CPV GIVEN.  All "UFO" books will be donated to charity.  Please DO NOT send books without pre-approval.

When you purchase shelf books at the usual 1/2 retail, CPV will give you an additional 1/2 off... which means you are purchasing books for 1/4 retail. The new books @ 20% off, trade-in will give you an additional 10% discount.

For example:
Shelf book:
Julie Garwood. SAVING GRACE. $3.16 (1/2 cover)
cover price $5.99 ... so for 5.99 in CPV
you get the book for $1.58 (additional 1/2 off)
New book:
Blind Promises by Diana Palmer. Our Price: $3.60 (20% off)
cover price: $4.50 so for 4.50 in CPV
you get the book for $3.15 (additional 10% off)

(sale books & collectible books & Special Orders). 
CPV has no cash value; 

you CAN transfer their use to another person.

I hope this is a clear summary of our trade-in policy. 
If you have any further questions, please ask.
Thank you!


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