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Meet BI Staff
Phone: 715-341-8817
eFax: 425-952-1337
Book Isle Paperbacks Logo 2224 Division Street
Stevens Point, WI
54481 USA
Michele Patrykus

BOOK ISLE's friendly 
Used Book Store owner 
(in blue shirt)

Yes, the photo is small on purpose!

Cy Korte

a.k.a. CYoTE 

New Book & 
Internet Manager 
(In red shirt)
Diane A.
Often searches for books for Michele while
treasure hunting for herself.
Recently retired and is a great helper who keeps the books alphabetically on the shelves.  She is usually at the store on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.

Also various family members who often help!

Who goes south for the winter, but is a great
helper in the summer

Michele says:

I live a quiet life... or as quiet as one can get living with 6 horses, 4 dogs, 26 barn cats, 2 sisters and their bunnies and ducks! A friend of mine actually "founded" BOOK ISLE, but when she moved out of the area, I began my adventure as a small business owner. 

I still hate computers, and they know it and exact their revenge; so I leave them to my sister (Hi Roma!) and Cy. That does not mean I do not want to hear from people on the Internet. . . I just need an "interpreter" (Cy) deliver the messages {grin} Hey, what are friends for? 

Cy says:

I am not technically an employee of BOOK ISLE but am self-employed. I guess you could say that I am a Book Junkie that has found a home. Michele calls me "her Internet connection" and I am the one she gets to answer her email. {grin} Hey, what are friends for? I manage the Internet, eBook and new book departments for Book Isle. 

I married in 1972 to a unique man. Obviously he's a keeper!!  His diagnosis with MS caused us to reorganize our lives some, but it doesn't affect our love.  In November, 1998 our grandson was born and a second grandchild is due in December, 2001.  Our 2 grown sons cook for a living and no longer live at home. Other parents know what I mean when I say, this does NOT mean I now have 2 spare rooms! Now we have a "guest & storage" room and the other is my "home office" where I work on all the store's Internet needs. YES, I store all the internet orders here while awaiting payment.

Although Michele's farm is nice, I prefer city living. I live on a quiet dead-end road, but close to 2 malls, 3 groceries, The Holiday Inn (Hey, Joe, your mom says she told you what she wants for dinner) and Burger King (Yo, Tom!  Your mom is in drive-thru because she is running late AGAIN), Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway, Taco John's..... Chinese and pizza delivery.... well, you get the idea. [Can you guess what time of day I am writing this profile?]

 foxy7-10-01.jpg (27432 bytes)

Foxy was found abandoned in the store parking lot in September 1999 barely old enough to eat soft food. Now she has become a member of the Book Isle ladies.  First named Fox Mulder, the name was adjusted when it was noticed that SHE would not grow into the name.  This Foxy lady is the new boss of the store.

Click photos for larger image.  Foxy resting in store window.  Cleo claiming a chair in Customer Wish corner.

cleo7-10-01.jpg (34469 bytes)Cleo is BOOK ISLE's newest addition in 2000.  When nephew's son was born there was a small allergy problem; so Cleo joined Foxy in guarding the store.  Of course, put 2 cats together and you often get a little excitement about whose territory needs protecting.  

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