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Wall Of Fame -- Book Isle Visits
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Book Isle sunset
Romantic Times Convention
September 17, 1999

Toni Carrington  aka Lori & Tony

Terri Brisbin & Connie Brockway
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Barbari Rogers Smith
Elaine Barberi, Evelyn Rogers, 
Bobbie Smith
Dara Joy
Dara Joy

Chevron Gael & Pauline Jones
Debbie Cy Theresa
Bookstore Junkies
Debbie, Cy, Theresa

J C Wilder and Ann Lawrence
J.C. Wilder
, Cy,  Ann Lawrence

Sharon Schulze , Michele
Tote Bag signing 
London and Moning
Julia London, Cy,  Karen Moning

Tina St John and Brenda Novak
Tina St. John, Cy, Brenda Nova
Karen Monk
Karyn Monk
Terri Brisbin and Grace
Terri Brisbin, Cy, Susan Grace

Deb Stover, Anne Eames, 
Judith Lansdowne
Tracy Sumner and Virgina Kantra
Tracy Sumner, Cy, Virgina Kantra
Stepahnie Bond and Jon Salem
Stephanie Bond & Jon Salem

Katherine Greyle & 
Rosemary Laurey

Jacquie D'Alessandro &
Sherri Browning