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Author: Jan Zimlich

Author's Page at Dorchester

Jan Zimlich 
Love Spell, September 1998 
320 pages; ISBN# 0505522772

Category: Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

Hearts Prey bookcover
Rayna was brought up knowing the sacred prophecy and now she was to fulfill it. Her tribe had inhabited this planet and although others allowed themselves to be removed by the Warlord Dax Vahnti they would not!  He would be her destiny.  She was his assassin.  Her powers with the animals presented the perfect ambush, but it failed and she was now his prisoner.

Dax was amazed that the planet that had been a family holding was creating such a problem.  His family had allowed settlers there, but to have them now refuse to acknowledge his right to claim what was his was not allowable.  This strange but compelling wild-woman was his now to do with as he pleased.  As if he did not have enough troubles with trade disputes and his cousin Caccia; now he was facing an unwanted attraction to his would-be assassin.  As things heat up between Rayna and Dax, the intrigue also increases and the conflict brings them back to her home planet.  Could the prophecy been misinterpreted and Dax the savior of her people with his enemies the ones Rayna must help defeat?  Only love could bring the joining of the two peoples... can Dax and Rayna find that kind of love and trust?  Can Rayna let Dax know ALL her secret powers? 

Oh, yes, this is a keeper!  This is Ms. Zimlich's second book and NOT QUITE PARADISE is a keeper also. 

Cy Korte /July,1999
Copyright © 1999 for Book Isle Paperbacks

Jan Zimlich 
368 pages (June, 2000) 
Love Spell; ISBN: 0505523841 

Category: Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

THE BLACK ROSE by Zimlich bookcover
I love futuristics and historical novels and l enjoyed Ms. Zimlich's first book enough to enthusiasticly recommend it to others.  So, when I was told that BLACK ROSE would be a ZORRO or Scarlet Pimpernel [I loved the movie] type story with a futuristic twist, I eagerly anticipated the chance to read this story.

It has a heroine that is feisty and nobody's fool.  She has a quest and her own agenda.  Her uncle's plans for a forced marriage will not deter her from fulfilling her goal to prove her father's research valid. It has a hero who lives a double life.  He is a rebel leader who "plays at court"... he is also an shape-shifter.  If either of these facts are known, they will cost him his life.  It has the evil general and controlling parents complicating the H/H's growing attraction for each other.  Their adventures take them to at least 4 planets and the secondary characters' love story is a nice touch. The plot points that I look forward to in choosing an entertaining story all in one book.

So, please read this and tell me why it all did not come together for me.  I had to push myself to finish this story -- and knowing that moods can sometimes effect reaction, I reread it about a month later.  Unfortunately, I had the same reaction of "something not quite working" with my sympathy for the characters... mainly the hero.  Having been told that it was a futuristic Scarlet Pimpernel, I expected predictability of the conflicts [that is part of the enjoyment -- anticipating how the story fills in the plot outline].  It fulfilled my expectations in all the areas mentioned except I just could not feel the enthusiasm I usually have for a futuristic story.

Cy Korte /December,2000
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