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THE FOREVER DRUG (Shadowrun, 37) 
Lisa Smedman
Roc, June 1999 
288 pages; ISBN# 0451457471

Catagory: Science Fiction
Reviewed by: CYoTE

bookcover THE FOREVER DRUG by Smedman
This is set CIRCA 2061 earth and magic has been showing itself in the world.  The appearance of elves, dragons and shapeshifters are now a normal event... and the prejudices are quite apparent.  Shapeshifter Romulus was attached to the police but being a shifter and considered less than human.  It is a bounty-hunter type arrangement with just as little respect.  He saves an elf-woman with amnesia and identifies the creature that is being sold as a drug.  This creature gives an euphoric feeling as it saps life force out of a person.  Somehow "Jane" is involved with the smuggling.  The elves, dragon and smugglers are trying to abduct her for their own reasons.  Romulus is having the unexpected feeling of love for her and is trying to help her regain her memory.  They take a trip to Prince Edward Island (Canada) to a deceased dragonís home in an attempt to restore her memory.  This leads to her memory restored, but a devastating confrontation that the hero cannot win with a powerful dragon. 

I can't say this was a HEA... the hero has his memory wiped out; so in the end he has no memory of the elf-woman or of his adventure.  You are left wondering if her death has been faked again and if she is with the dragon who abducted her or the elves. 

This book was suggested to me when I stated that I liked wolf/shapeshifters.  Actually, I did like the hero in this story, but I felt a little lost in his world.  I assume it is because this is part of a series, and although it was an interesting world, I cannot say I will be interested in looking for the backlist since my preference is romance and not sci-fi. 

Cy Korte / September, 1999
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