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Susan Sizemore
Harper Monogram,  Nov. 1992
337 pages;  ISBN# 0061080136

Category: Time Travel Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

Wings of the Storm bookcover
When a drunk computer geek transports Dr. Jane Florian to the Middle Ages, she must pose as Lady Jehane from the Holy Land.  This is definitely NOT how she had planned to spend her life, but it soon becomes obvious that she must make the best of her situation.  Posing as a widowed relative of Sir Stephen's, Jehane uses her skills to clean up the castle and "makeover" the new mistress and help love along at castle Passfair. 

The love she does not want helped along is between herself and that arrogant warrior, Sir Daffyd.  She must get to a convent to prevent accidentally changing history.  There is more to Sir Daffyd than meets the eye --- this hero is on a quest.  I just loved the way Ms. Sizemore pulled this story together.  HEA leaves you with a grin and wanting to read the sequel AFTER THE STORM. 

One of the problems I have with TT romances is the need for the H/H to give up their life to find love.  In this story, you have it ending with the best of both worlds.  (But I don't want to spoil it for you; so I'll shut up now.) 

Cy Korte /June, 1999
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