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Coral Smith Saxe
Love Spell, April 1996 
448 pages; ISBN# 0505520869

Category: Time Travel Romance
 Reviewed by: Sheila Bragg

bookcover The Mirror & The Magic by Saxe
The Mirror and the Magic is a Time Travel Faerie Tale Romance.  Julia Addison is a New York Chef who witnesses a mob murder.  She's on the run scared for her life and ends up in Scotland.   Hoping she's safe she decides to go for a drive.  She's been hiding out and going stir crazy.  While driving up into the Highlands she sees that she's being followed.  In  a panic she speeds along until  she runs out of road then jumps from the car and runs away as bullets fly.   As she runs she passes the standing stones.  She feels like she's flying, senses the change in the air, falls and rolls down a hill, where she is captured by the MacStruan Clan and taken to their Chief Darach MacStruan. 

At first the Clan of seven Lairds, the Chief and his brother Alasdair think Julia is a witch, or just crazy.   But slowly each of the Lairds and Alasdair get to know and like her.   But Darach doesn't trust her, even though he is attracted to her.  Could she be the witch (Edana) who has been helping his enemy who is after their land for their mines. 

It takes Julia a while to realize that she has actually traveled back in time.   At first she thinks its some type of reenactment or some type of crazy cult.  As she goes from prisoner to cook  for the small odd Clan she begins to care for them like the family she never really had and she comes to love the gruff Darach. 

The story unfolds well with the Fairy Tale interwoven beautifully.  They're the seven Lairds, each with a distinct personality.  You have Your Highness who calls himself The Bruce, Tommy The Doctor, etc.  The mines and another treasure they have hidden in the mountains to protect (their women and children its comical Julia wonders why there is no women or children in the Clan and then they go on a trip and for some reason all the Lairds want to bathe in a stream and Julia wonders why).  There's also the wicked witch with a mirror basin she calls Servant that keeps tabs on her true love (Darach, who doesn't even remember ever meeting her, but knows that there's a witch causing problems).  Oh and don't let me forget the poison hair comb and apple and as its referred to in the book the kiss of life. 

Sheila Bragg / October, 1999 
Copyright © 1999 for Paranormal Romance Reviews

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