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a.k.a. J. D. Robb

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J. D. Robb 
Berkley Pub Group, March 6, 2000 
357 pages; ISBN# 0425173631

Category: Futuristic Romance Suspense 
Reviewed by: Michelle P. 

book cover WITNESS IN DEATH by Robb
Witness is one of those books that comes along every once in a while to teach you some thing about an author you think you know so well.  We all know, in the back of our minds, that J.D. is really Nora Roberts. Nora is one  of those writers who can fool even the most decated of  readers, and I think she enjoys doing it, too. 

When we last left our intreped duo they had just excaped certain death and saved the Statue of Liberty. Now off to a night of laughter and good times.  Witness is a light-hearted tale of just how bad a date could end up, if you are married to one of New York's finest. 

Thank you J.D. for another surprise, more laughs, and another look into the, hopefully, never ending life that Dallas and Roarke.  Thank you, too, Agie.  May your books, and  plays kept inspiring other good writers now and in  the future. 

Michelle Patrykus / April, 1999
Copyright © 2000 for Book Isle Paperbacks

J.D. Robb 
Berkley, October 1999
358 pages; ISBN# 042517140X

Category: Futuristic Romance Suspense
Reviewed by: Michele P.

book cover LOYALTY IN DEATH by Robb
"We are Cassandra."  Ominous words that start a new case for Eve Dallas.  I think that Loyalty is second only to Naked in Death.  JD will again take us on the ride of our lives, from Dallas's drive to stand for the dead to Roarke's new toys it is no-stop action. 

The old crew is back.  Peabody gets two new boy friends.  [Way to go Peabody!]  Terrorist in New York City.  Do you really need more?

Michele Patrykus /February, 2001
Copyright © 2001 for Book Isle Paperbacks

J. D. Robb  
Berkley, March 1999
386 pages; ISBN# 0425168131

Category: Futuristic Romance Suspense 
Reviewed by: Michele P.

book cover CONSPIRACY IN DEATH by Robb
If there is someone out there who still hasn't read JD now is the time to start.  CONSPIRACY IN DEATH has everything you could want in a romantice suspence story.

Dallas and Roarke are back and in it real deep this time.  They go from a fancy night out to death on a whirlewind ride that leaves you breathless.  CONSPIRACY IN DEATH is another "who done it" that keeps you up all night and as always looking for more when you finish the story.  But take heart, the blurb on Loyalty in Death looks good too. 

I reccomend take you take the time between them to read JD's "Death" books because you will not want to miss even one..

Michele Patrykus /February, 2001
Copyright © 2001 for Book Isle Paperbacks

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