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Stobie Piel 
Love Spell, August 1999 
368 pages; ISBN# 0505523299

Category: Time Travel Romance
Reviewed by: Sheila B.

bookcover FreeFalling by Piel
Free Falling by Stobie Piel is a time travel romance.  The hero, Adrian de Vargas, and the heroine, Cora Talmadge, fell in love at 19.  But Cora never felt like she was good enough for Adrian who she saw as perfect.  There didnít seem to be anything he couldnít do or wasnít good at.  She felt like she was always disappointing him.  So she left him the day before he was going to ask her to marry him. 

The only thing Adrian didnít have in life that he wanted was Cora, the woman he had loved and lost.  So when he met Jenny, Coraís friend who wanted to take Cora skydiving, at his skydiving school (which was named for Cora) it gave him the opportunity to try to get Cora back.  Cora didnít want or really plan to actually skydive.  But when Adrian (who she hadnít seen since the day she left him) got on the plane as her guide she knew she couldnít back out in front of him.  During the dive something goes wrong and they are caught in a whirlwind and sent back in time to 1869 Arizona. 

A time in which Cora is able to grow and change as a person and discover who she is and see Adrian as a man, not something so perfect that she isnít good enough for.   But the man that she loves and who loves her, and whom she needs and needs her.   In some ways she starts to see herself in Adrian and she thinks of him as a cracked egg who needs her (I didnít like the cracked egg business). 

Adrian discovers his true heritage.  His father Tiotonawen (Whirlwind) of the Tonto Apaches sent his four-month-old baby, Adrian, to the future to keep him from dying.   (Adrian had been adopted into a good and loving home.)  So Adrian finds heís ¼ Apache, ¼ Mexican, and ½ Navajo.   So he figures in the past he can keep Cora with him (as a captive if necessary) to where he lost her in the future. 

There are a lot of great and funny scenes in this book.  Especially the first part with the skydiving, theyíre discovering that theyíve gone back in time and living in an Indian Village (where men are treated superiors, as in getting to eat first).  Cora, who had no confidence in herself, ends up taking a gun away from a boy and a man and taking an Apache Chiefís (Adrianís father, who becomes weary of her) hat to protect her from the sun.    You see her grow and become confident in herself.  The love between Adrian and Cora is great.  They have both loved each other all along and want to be together.  Cora tells Adrian why she left and their relationship starts again.  There are some great love scenes and two very sensual dance scenes. 

In general itís a really good story.  But for me, I felt like it concentrated too much on Cora.  Although the stuff with her was good, and Adrianís father tells him at the end of the book that they came back in time for Cora.  I felt like Adrian got pushed to the back burner so to speak for Cora to grow, which was needed.  I just simply wanted more of Adrian.  When he was given the chance he came off very sexy. 

Sheila Bragg / August, 1999 
Copyright © 1999 for Paranormal Romance Reviews

Stobie Piel 

368 pages (January 1999) 
Love Spell; ISBN: 0505522926 

Category: Futuristic Romance

book cover THE WHITE SUN by Piel
There is no review at this time.  It is well worth the read.  I will get review online soon.  

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