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By Joan Overfield
Kensington, August 1996 
301 pages; ISBN# 0821753819

Category: Time Travel Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

Time's Tapestry bookcover
(This is a sequel to THE DOOR AJAR which I will find & read since I liked this story.  There are many references to DA, but I did not feel lost by not having read it first.)  Cara Marsdale, Scotland Yard Inspector, is staying at her brother's home… and finds it impossible to resist looking in the room which brought her sister-in-law from Regency England.  She awakes in 1813 with a pounding headache and Stephen Hallforth, Earl of Harrington, standing over her. 

Cara calls on her undercover experience to help her pass as Stephen's cousin but mourns leaving her 1995 life.  When there is a series of murders (her specialty at Scotland Yard), Cara is determined to help Bow Street find the killer.  Meanwhile, the problems from Steven's past (from Door Ajar but adequately explained) are causing concerns for his safety.   He is framed for murder again and Cara finds she must trust Aidan… a warlock and Steven's best friend. 

Cy Korte / May, 1999
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