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Author Julie Ortolon


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320 pages (July 2001) 
St Martins; ISBN: 0312978715

Reviewed by CYoTE
Category: Contemporary Romance


This is not a paranormal, but a modern day romance with plenty of wit and charm.  Kate Bradshaw, an on-line advice columnist with an attitude, had given into the impulse to flirt to add a little light romance to her life.  Little did she know that she has met the man of her dreams, but Kate is finding her personal life in too much confusion to want anything new added to her life.   Since Kate is not looking for a man, it is up to Mike Cameron to convince her that there is room in her life for him.

Mike hires Kate through her friend’s business ‘Wife For Hire’ with hopes that while she is revamping him and his home for a future wife, he will be able to win her over to be that wife.  Remodeling his home and revamping his wardrobe do bring them together in some very amusing events.   The crisis with her son Dylan’s asthma attack and her friend Gwen canceling her on-line column without notice throws Kate into questioning her ability to handle her life and a new relationship.  Mike is there for Kate, Dylan and for Kate’s friends who own ‘Wife for hire’ but Kate soon comes to realize that the strength to love must come from within herself and not the ones she loves.

When you finish this story you will appreciate that being human and in love can be as rewarding as it is confusing.  I look forward to reading more by this author as her humor and insights are well written in a story that is entertaining and endearing.

Cy Korte / July, 2001
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