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Paraphernalia [Paranormal Romance] Interview
Paraphernalia [Paranormal Romance] Interview

Kathleen Nance
Love Spell, March 1999 
390 pages; ISBN# 0505522993

Category: Paranormal Romance Geni
Reviewed by: CYoTE

More Than Magic bookcover
Darius, the Protector.  He is beautiful, and mesmerizing...  Sex and sensuality will never ensnare him... and he has sworn not to marry.  (No fat, bald djinni here!!  Hunk-o-rama!) 

Isis Montgomery will snare the arrogant djinni's attention.  The spell she's been given will bind him and that is something that he does not allow.  Now he must fight not only this enemy who gave Isis the spell to trap him, but also the unquenchable attraction to her that will forever change his destiny.  The fortunes have foretold that there are 2 paths to power... and he must find the right path in time to combat the evil that threatens both her and his world. 

He chooses to bargain with Isis and will grant 3 wishes for 3 requests.  His final request is for Isis to join him briefly in his world.  Since she does not understand the language, she does not realize that she has married her djinni.  He believes he has married her to control his power, but when she finds out the sparks fly.  When the final battle with his enemy comes, the true power is their love for each other which allows him to tap into the powers of earth as well as the powers of his world. 

I found that this has brief visits from characters from her book WISHES COME TRUE; so I will be searching out that one to read after enjoying this one!  Apparently Darius is also in this other book... and I want to "see more of him"... the truest compliment of how author can bring a character alive.  (But I really wish I could start reading them in order <VBG> instead of backwards). 

Cy Korte / May, 1999
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