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Author: Pam McCutcheon
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[MORE THAN MEN series]
Pam McCutcheon
January, 1996; Harlequin American #614
248 pages; ISBN: 0373166141

Category: Paranormal Romance [Contemporary]
Reviewed by: CYoTE

P.J. Sheridan was known as an unbiased reporter of psychic phenomena and was intrigued when Connor O’Flaherty contacted her.  He had to be a fraud or crazy.  What else could you think of a handsome 6 foot 4 inch man claiming to be the king of the Leprechauns?  How could she pass up the chance to write of a renowned millionaire shoe manufacturer?  All she had to do was to help him locate a missing talisman while she investigated his claim of finding others with Fae blood.

Connor had promised only to marry another with Fae blood.  How could he be falling in love with this mortal?  And a mortal that was allergic to gold.  He is heading for a broken heart if he can’t keep his mind on finding the talisman instead of his helper.

This is an enjoyable romance with plenty of humor and life.  You will enjoy a relaxing “vacation” while reading a story that will leave you smiling. [My definition of an enchanting story]

Cy Korte /October, 2000
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by Pam McCutcheon
Lovespell; 2/1995 
392 pages; ISBN: 0505520052

Category: Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

For his father, the Defense Minister, Lancer Morgan, holofilm producer, reluctantly goes as ambassador and to investigate Delphi.  They are the survivors of ODYSSEY that disappeared nearly 200 years ago.  A scout’s story of a planet of humans with the ability to foresee the future has the Republic's officials concerned.

Thena is a Golden Pythia, the most accurate in her predictions.  Even though she is the most accomplished oracle on the planet Delphi, Thena can't foretell the danger Lancer will bring to her world – only that he can bring destruction or prosperity.  Pythas link with an animal called a moncat [yes, cross between a monkey and cat] and use an Observer when they predict the future.  Unlike most Pytha’s, Thena remembers her predictions and realizes that Nevan, her observer, has been slightly changing the words of her predictions. Pytha’s that remember their prophesies as Thena's mother had, eventually become unbalanced. Thena wonders if she may be having the beginnings of mental illness or if Nevan is manipulating things for his own purposes.

Thena goes against Delphi council and leaves the planet with Lancer.  One of the things she hopes for is a cure for her mother’s mental illness.  Lancer and Psychiatrist Juelle Shanard investigates the physical and mental stresses of being a Pytha as well as the records left on the crashed ship.  Their discoveries lead to knowledge that can be dangerous and useful.  Soon Thena and Lancer are bound in a struggle to save her people.  As the mate of the Golden Pytha becomes head of Delpi’s council, their love is forbidden, but they cannot resist.  Even if they are able to overcome the problems for survival, how will they be able to stay together?

This is the first of 2 stories with Delphi and moncats [cute little guy is pictured on cover of QUICKSILVER which is sequel and Juelle’s story] but you are not left hanging at the end of the story.  Both books stand on their own.  If you are a futuristic romance lover, you will soon place this on your keeper shelf and look for other books by this author.

Cy Korte /October, 2000
Copyright © 2000 for BOOK ISLE Paperbacks

Pam McCutcheon
Harlequin American 696;  September, 1997 
249 pages; ISBN: 0373166966

Category: Time Travel Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

click to order How to Marry a Reluctant Rogue by Pam McCutcheon
I think the blurb from the back of the book sums this story up well.

“Marigold Boles had FINALLY snagged "Mr. Safe," but her highbrow in-laws -- make that OUT-laws -- wouldn't allow their son to marry a step descendant of the Old West stagecoach robber Charles Boles, a.k.a. Black Bart.  Mari had no choice but to reform the rogue!  With help from an Arizona energy vortex, Charles traveled through time; only he arrived without a memory -- and clothes!  How could Mari make an honest man out of him when he didn't remember being a scoundrel?  Worse, when he returned to his own time, how could she ever forget the feel of his sexy kisses?”

So rare the blurb is good! ;-) 
But, when you have a man without memory that you brought through time, are you sure you got the right man?  And if it takes so much work, is Jordan really the right man for her?  I won’t spoil the surprise twist at the end, but yes, Mari gets smart and gets “Mr. Right”.

Cy Korte /October, 2000
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