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Paraphernalia[Paranormal Romance] Interview

Susan Krinard
Berkley Books, October 2001

Category: Paranormal Romance : Werewolf
Reviewed by: CYoTE

Dr Schell was ahead of his time in treating patients in his private asylum with the new science of hypnosis, as well as his belief that his daughter could and should be a doctor if she wished.  After his stroke, Johanna kept up her father’s work with his remaining patients.

While returning from a convention, Johanna was rescued by a surly stranger, but never knew his name.  Later during the last mile of her trip home, she finds a drunkard along the road, not recognizing him as her rescuer.  He regains conscious long enough to warn her she is in danger. Like the Good Samaritan, she brings him to THE HAVEN to nurse to health – if he’ll agree to treatment.

Quentin Forster, second son of the Earl of Greyburn, may not remember how he got to Silverado Springs, California, but he does know that he is in trouble.  He has had blackouts before, but this time he finds himself in the care of someone who may be able to help.  He is afraid because his periods of amnesia were happening more and more often and increasing in length each time. Something had to be done, but there was nowhere one could go for help for his unique problem in 1880. Dare he trust Doctor Jo?  Because he has one secret he cannot tell even her.  He is a werewolf.   Can he come to terms with the animal part of his nature -- the part that occasionally takes over his life?

Ms Krinard has shown a unique view of a man coping with being “a breed apart”. She has woven a gothic tale with a loving but tortured hero and a strong, caring heroine who can help him regain his humanity.  Emotional insights and historical perspectives add to the power of this story.  You will appreciate the other members of THE HAVEN and the progress they make as you join Doctor Jo and Quentin.

Quentin’s battle for mental health and their relationship changing from doctor/patient to friend and lover are not the only forces in this story.  For unknown to Quentin, his family’s enemy has followed him and he and Johanna are in danger. 

Although set in Victorian period, it’s characters are timeless.  The intensity and sensitivity shown during the many emotion and thought provoking scenes build a story that you will wish to reread.  I highly recommend SECRET OF THE WOLF especially to Gothic and Paranormal lovers. 

Anyone who enjoys a powerful and emotional drama that closes you with a smile will enjoy this book.  Her contemporary setting werewolf stories [PRINCE OF WOLVES and PRINCE OF SHADOWS] show the same intensity and insight into human nature.  This is definitely another book for the keeper shelf! 

SECRET OF THE WOLF is third of a trilogy of werewolf books by Ms Krinard set in the Victorian period.  The others are TOUCH OF THE WOLF [Braden, Quentin’s older brother] and ONCE A WOLF [Rowena, Quentin’s twin sister], both Honorable Mention winners in the annual P.E.A.R.L. Awards.

Cy Korte /June, 2001
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