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Sherrilyn Kenyon
Pinnacle Books, January 1996
ISBN# 0786002220

Category: Futuristic Romance
reviews by CYoTE
bookcover Born Of The Night by Kenyon
"They call him Nemesis.  Once a renegade assassin, now a warrior-soldier sworn to protect the innocent from the ruthless mercenaries throughout the galaxies." 

This implies quite the hero, and Nykyrian lives up to this promise of a troubled hero who thinks he needs to love from afar.  He has always admired Kiara when she danced.  Now his feelings lead him to accept the job to keep her alive.  Kiara is intrigued, intimidated and confused by Nykyrian.  She knows she can trust him with her life and to keep her safe, but can she trust him with her heart?  She realizes that he does love her but cannot say it. 

Kiara has a death contract on her because her father, Predident of the Gourish Consolate, Commander Tiarun Biardi, refused to be intimidated by Probekin threats.  Against his better judgement, he hires Nykyrian but when it looks like Nykyrian has harmed his daughter, Commander Tiarum puts a contract on Nykyrian.  Not the best move, since Kiara has married Nykyrian and danger to him is danger to her.  Just being married to Nykyrian put her in danger, because he has many enemies.  One who captures her.  Nykyrian goes to save her knowing it will cost him his life... 

This is a fast paced adventure with many emotional scenes that make the book hard to put down.  The HEA ending is a must for my enjoyment of a book... and I did enjoy this one.

Cy Korte / May, 1999 
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