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Kathleen Kane
St Martins, April 1998
320 pages; ISBN: 0312965095

Category: Time Travel Romance
Reviewed by CYoTE

This Time For Keeps bookcover
Terry Hill's 8th life ended in 1998 in an accident… and now that it had ended, she remembered that all her other lives had ended the same way.  After this, she was not interested in trying life again.  Apparently, the "rules of incarnation" said she had 95 years to live; so she had to go.  But this time, she made a deal with the "Resettlement Committee" --- she was NOT going through childhood again --- she would have health, wealth, and because her last 8 lives ended when she fell in love --- no love! 

She woke in the body of Nora Wilding .  OK, she could live with the name - her favorite novelist was named Nora, but she had been tricked!  She had expected to go on… not back to 1875!  No cars… no restraunts… no toilet!  Although technically, they did not lie, she wondered what else the "Resettlement Committee" forgot to tell her.   She is now the owner of a ranch with irritating Seth Murdoch as her foreman and handsome Richard Bonner claiming to be her fiancée.  As much as she tries to resist, Nora finds herself falling in love with Seth… the reincarnation of her past loves.   Will the battles between the 2 men bring an end to this life, too? 

Deciding that they would now have to adapt to the new Nora, the conflicts begin.  There are many humorous scenes and dialogs as things change in Nora and in those around her.  As the story unfolds, there is an element of suspense along with the humor, which kept the story interesting.  There are brief flashes to her past lives, which help her understand this life, and add to the plot.  The epilog and the Author's Note at the end "tweaked" my funny bone and gave a grin with the HEA. 

Even though Reincarnation is not my favorite Paranormal theme, the time travel and the author's humor and wit bring a strong entertainment value to this story.  I would recommend this as a good vacation/ beach read. 

Cy Korte /August, 1999
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