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Author: DARA JOY
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Dara Joy 
Love Spell, April 1999 
390 Pages; ISBN# 050552337X 

Category: Time Travel Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by: Sheila B.

bookcover Rejar by Joy
Rejar is a Time Travel/Futuristic, incredible romance.   Rejar is a Familiar from another time and planet.   He has two forms, human and cat.  As a human he is a very gorgeous, very sensual, mischievous man.  Familiars are great lovers and irresistible to women.  They have the ability to recognize their mate.  They mate for life.  They can communicate telepathically, which makes for great humor in the story. 

Lilac Devere lives in Regency England.  She and her aunt are in a coach when a large black cat appears.   Lilac feels led to call the cat Rejar and she takes him home as a pet.  After she takes the cat home, she starts having these wonderful dreams (that aren't really dreams), where this incredibly gorgeous man comes to her at night and teaches her passion.   During these nights Rejar discovers Lilac is his mate and no other woman will do.   So he sets out to meet her in human form, as Nickolai.   Lilac doesn't like Nickolai (but she likes her dream lover, who looks just like Nickolai), and complains to Rejar the cat about him, which is comical.  So Nickolai (Rejar) tricks Lilac into marrying him.  Lilac can hear Nickolai's (Rejar's) voice in her head.   So during the wedding he asks "Do you wish me to put a stop to this?"   Lilac thought he spoke aloud so she said "Yes I do" and that was it, she was married. 

Nickolai (Rejar) tries to explain that he shape shifts to Lilac, but she doesn't understand and begs him not to do it.  She's afraid people will think he is a witch.    Its an incredible, funny and sensual story, with great love scenes.   Familiars have a ritual known as the 900 strokes of love.  There's a wonderful scene where they are at a party and Nickolai (Rejar) is telling Lilac in her mind again everything he is going to do to her when they get home.  There is also a scene where Lilac absent  mindedly tells the ladies in her sewing group who are talking about their husbands some of the things Nickolai (Rejar) does to her.   Like "And the business where he licks you all over ... that that they do with their teeth ... when they nip you like a choice morsel ... or that other ... where they clamp their teeth on the back of your neck and hold you in place so they can ... well I'm sure you know what I mean ... I swear I must have Nickolai's teeth marks all over me ... why when I finish" she gets interrupted with "You mean when he finishes my dear"  Lilac still absent minded says "Goodness no!  Nickolai takes forever to finish ... Sometimes I finish four or five times before he does."   I loved these scenes. 

This is the second, and in my opinion the best, in the Matrix series.  The first is "Knight of a Trillion Stars", and the third is Mine to Take.  Lorgin, Traed, Adeena  and Yaniff from the other books are in this one.  I truly enjoyed this book. 

Sheila Bragg / October, 1999 
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