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Cheryl Johnson
JB Books / Pub date:  TBA  
Because JB Books is out of business, author is looking for a new publisher.  She has promised to let me know when this happens.

Category: Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE 

We have all expressed frustration in our hectic lives by saying, "take me away!" Cheryl delights us with a tale of where “away” could take you.  Melodie may be insecure, but she is not a wimp.  JarDan may be future king, but he is not a bully. Their personalities captivate you and carry you with them in an enchanting fantasy of love and life on another world. 

Melodie’s first reaction to her rescue is a mix of joy and confusion.  When she wakes the next day and realizes it is not a dream – she does what any self-respecting heroine would do – she becomes hysterical and demands to go home.  As she told the ship's doctor – it didn't matter that JarDan married her (she was asleep for pity's sake!). It did not matter that over the years they had adjusted their culture to be more acceptable to the women of Earth that had joined them -- she wanted to go home! 

JarDan has known from the start that Melodie is the one the fates have chosen for him.  Melodie is not so sure.  She is too busy at first adjusting to the changes and JarDan’s foster sister, Tiana’s animosity to sort through her feelings for JarDan.   How can a farm girl know how act like a princess?  She soon agrees that she WILL be able to build a life at Tor and lets her love grow for JarDan. 

Although concerned with Melodie’s adjustment, JarDan is occupied with the plot that was discovered when there was an attempt on her life.  Marandoni, the wizard, believed dead, now seems to be intent on destroying the House of Tor. 

Tiana’s betrayal leads Melodie and JarDan into the trap set by Marandoni.  Melodie is too pregnant to feel like a warrior queen, and JarDan needs something to help fight a wizard's power to save his love and their world. 

Cy Korte / May, 1999
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