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Author: Sandra Heath

Paraphernalia [Paranormal Romance] Interview

Sandra Heath

240 pages (March 6, 2001)
Signet; ISBN: 0451202694

Category: Regency Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

When I told a friend I was in the mood for something sweet [of course she knew I meant a book] she recommended a Regency.  As I prefer paranormal books, she suggested an author I had not read; so I gave this book a try.  Ms Heath ties together Regency and reincarnation using a Druid theme with 3 couples coming together to “complete the cycle of love”.  That’s the short summary [VBG] but of course there is much entertainment in those 240 pages that make this book worth reading.

The first thing I have to do is a compliment to the publisher – THEY GOT THE COVER RIGHT!  Theo’s white wolfhound, Bran—full name Bran the Blessed, Son of Llyr – is pictured on the cover along with the H/H.  There are a few cute dog POV sections in this story and Bran is included in the wrath of Bellamy Taynton.

Strange things have been happening in their village the last few months.  Suddenly the woods aren’t safe and Ursula is concerned – particularly about Vira leaving her family to live and work at the Inn recently purchased by Bellamy Taynton and renamed the Green Man.  Because of her father’s sudden financial difficulties, Ursula is forced to  marry.  Lord Carmartin has offered financial settlement if she would marry his recently discovered nephew and heir, the Honorable Theodore Maximilian Prince.  It would also end the long-time feud between the Elcesters and Carmartins and assure prosperity for the village of Elcester.  Many said Lord Carmartin was hard because he never recovered from the disappearance of his ward Eleanor Rhodes.   Bowing to his uncle’s wishes – he must marry Ursula to gain his inheritance – Theo agrees to meet and marry this blue-stocking miss, but insists his friend, Sir Conan Merrydown, join him and his dog in their visit to Elcester.

While Theo dreams of redheaded Eleanor, Ursula and Conan begin to have visions – of each other.  They meet quite by accident when Lord Carmartin sees Ursula free a redheaded albino squirrel caged at the Inn.  They are much dismayed to find the identity of their dream mate.   As the story unwinds, pieces of the past and present come together for Ursula and Conan that at first confuse and then astound them.

When you finish this book you will be assured that there are no “loose ends” and it fulfills the romantic need of “happily ever after” for all involved.  [OK, I found it almost too sweet, but that IS what I asked for].  I enjoyed the weaving of this story and the humor included with romance.  There is a bit of point-of-view swapping that you need to look for… but will appreciate what it gives to the plot. 

Cy Korte/March, 2001
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