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WENDY's PHOENIX (An Angelwalk Book)
Roger Elwood 
Steeple Hill, November 1999 
232 pages/ Trade PB ; ISBN# 0373870892 

Category: Contemporary Novel : Inspirational 
Reviewed by: CYoTE

bookcover Wendy's Phoenix by Elwood
Do you like the TV series “Touched By An Angel” and the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “The Preacher’s Wife”?  Then you will like the Angelwalk books starting in October with WENDY’S PHOENIX.  I enjoyed it, but I feel that it is best presented as a drama not a romance.  Romance is only an incidental part of the plot.  This is a drama with a strong Christian perspective; so may not be enjoyable to all. 

The story starts a lot like “Wonderful Life” with flashes of Wendy’s life… her husband’s disappearance 10 years before, her life as a public defender, and her award-winning efforts to make a difference in the lives of people she has defended.   It introduces the people in her life and her life long belief in angels… and their belief in her.   There are several conversations between angels.   Using an introspective point of view from Wendy and personal conversations with her friends for the first part of the book sets the stage for “the big event”.  Even the angels ask God to reconsider allowing this to happen to Wendy. 

A car hits Wendy and although it is miraculous that she survives, she is left paralyzed from the waist down.  The mayor, who had been developing a relationship with Wendy, is there for her as well as her angels.  The soul searching that had begun in the first part of the book opens the door for her struggle toward a new life and the changes that paralysis brings. 

The angels bring about a meeting with the husband that left her 10 years ago.  There were hints that were confirmed when he explains that he provided information for the FBI and was put in protective witness program.  He is at the same rehab center because his cover was “blown” and he had been shot.  The ability to forgive his desertion, even if it was for her safety and to make decisions on the direction of her life require a dependence on the faith that she has developed through out her life.  While they are talking, a “hit man” approaches and Wendy puts herself in the way of the bullet intended for her former husband. 

The epilog has the Mafia withdrawing the “contract” and Wendy recovering from the bullet and choosing to build a life with her husband.  Angel Steadfast asks the his partner “and what about the Mayor who had grown to love Wendy so much?” 

Cy Korte / August, 1999
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