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Jacqueline Diamond 
Harlequin Sales Corp, July 1997
246 pages; ISBN# 0373166877 

Category: Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

Daddy Warlock bookcover
Seven years ago, Tara and her friend went to a Halloween party where "my Lady" met "the Magician".  The evening was a dream... she hadn't even seen his face.  Although she tried to find him again, she could not --- even to tell him their dream encounter produced Harry, her son. 

His family all had special abilities.  Chance Powers was at a cross-roads of his life 7 years ago, and after the overwhelming encounter with "my Lady" showed him how uncontrolled his abilities were, he had spent the years developing control.  When a TV story about a 1st grader with special powers caught his attention, he realized his special abilities were not the only thing in his encounter with "my lady" that was not controlled.  He was a father. 

Harry's abilities were developing much sooner than Chance's did and he had to be there to help his son through the added confusion and temptation that power brought into growing up.  The trouble was, the spark that brought Tara and Chance together was stronger than ever. 

Talk about past lives from his aunt, his father scheming to use Harry's power to business advantage and Tara's refusal to become involved again with him are only a few of the obstacles to their relationship.  Of course, they do have a HEA and I would recommend this book to those who like a hero with "something extra". 

Cy Korte / May, 1999
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