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Julie D'Arcy
Imajinn Books Trade Paperback
332 pages; ISBN# 1893896080

Category: Paranormal Fantasy Novel
Reviewed by CYoTE

Julie D'Arcy's Time of the Wolf has won the RIO Dorothy Parker award for best Fantasy and was nominated for a P.E.A.R.L. Award.  I am starting my review with this notice so that you know others consider it a very good book. I read it because it was one of the P.E.A.R.L. semi-finalists. The story per se was a good, well-written story. If you are in the mood for Action & Adventure type read, you will definitely enjoy it. If, like me, you are looking for a romance, you will be disappointed. 

Ms. D'Arcy's story was descriptive enough with the action scenes, and there was a romance developed between the H/H. Her fight scenes were graphic with the blood and sword play... but when the H/H finally "do the deed" -- I had to reread the paragraph to be sure that is what happened... not just heavy foreplay. The subsequent romantic interludes missed, also. 

Keahla, the Princess of Carrum Bahl, is sent on a quest to the future by Brekan, Druid & advisor, to find Radin Hawk. Things don't go as she planned and now she has her doubts that Radin is the hero needed to save her people. Brekan has his own agenda and finally does explain that Radin is the reincarnated Ambroch, King of Wolfhead and Keahla, reincarnation of Ambroch's love.  Radin and Keahla do not like the idea of being reincarnated soul-mates or the quest Brekan has sent them on. 

Anayha, Sorceress Queen cheated death and has possessed a woman and is now installed as Queen. Her goal: to resurrect Czetan, the Blood King. The H/H and Queen/ King must come together in 1 last great battle which will either destroy the nation or return history to it's destined path which Brekan accidentally interrupted. 





At the end, I felt the "ceremony" to destroy the witch was too much. Then, next chapter you have the witch happy in the afterlife with the druid? After all the death and gore up to that point, why?-- Did she throw this scene in to have everyone with a HEA? 

Cy Korte / March, 2000
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