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Author Nancy J. Cohen
aka Nancy Cane

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Nancy Cane
Lovespell / May, 1994.
391 page, ISBN# 0505519496 

Category: Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

book cover Circle of Light by Cane
Synopsis:  Sarina Bretton was a Miami attorney, and she dealt in facts, not fantasy.  A fellow worker had told her that her boss was going to "put her to a test"; so the strange client who entered her office amused her.  Teir informed her that he was here to escort her, and although she was intrigued that the supply closet was now a private lift, she was unconcerned and followed.  When the door slid open and she was escorted and strapped into the seat of a space shuttle, she was speechless as she was whisked away from Earth.  When she found she had been identified as the legendary GREAT HEALER, she knew she was in trouble. 

The Coalition of Sentient Planets welcomed her and betrothed her to Lord Cam'brii to fulfill the prophecy.  The Farg plague was decimating more planets and she was to help. but how?  And how was she to marry one man, when her feelings were for Teirů her kidnapper and now her bodyguard? 

And he does protect her, for there are those who do not want to see the prophecy fulfilled.  Not to ruin the story, but know that her love for Teir is the actual fulfillment of the prophecy and the HEA ending brings a smile. 

Cy Korte /April, 1999
Copyright © 1999 for Book Isle Paperbacks


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