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by Lee Boschen
Dreams Unlimited / March, 1999.
135 pages [E-Book]; ISBN# 189252015X 

Category: Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

book cover The Guardian by Boschen
The critical path must be maintained… she was sent to him to protect the future. 

Mike McAuliffe looked up at the angel who had just saved his life.  He was even more stunned by her tale that it was the 3rd attempt on his life and that Ava was there as his guardian.  She presents him with a "star box" that produces valuable stones he is to use for the financing he needs to complete the autopilot controller he and Joe just completed.   She also has special powers of “influence” but cannot “influence” those already controlled by "the others" . 

After realizing "the others" will not be stopped, they are in a race against time to get the controller approved, tested and installed.  The Star people have not told her much, but she knows there is a deadline.  Mike is sure they will summon her away after her mission, but falls in love in spite of knowing it will come to an end.  Ava was sure that she could stay --- that the Star people were compassionate and would allow her to have a normal life now --- one that changed when she was in her teens and began to communicate telepathically with them. 

I was not surprised at the ending, as it was evident to me that she would be called away after she was done.  The epilog has him meeting “her twin” and remembers Ava asking, "would we all love you?"  She invisibly watches him get aquatinted with his new love and smiling through her tears she bids him farewell.  The action and twists of the plot make for a good read even with the predictable ending. 

Cy Korte / April, 1999
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