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Carly Bishop
Harlequin, September, 1990
ISBN: 037379004X

Category: Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by:  CYoTE

The Petrakis family was legendary for power, wealth, adoration, but as with many Greeks,  the family was what was all important.  Alex Petrakis, world famous playwright, is locked in a coma after an accident, and his brother knows that if there is someone who can reach him, it is his friend and co-worker Vanessa.

Rehabilitation specialist Dr. Vanessa Koures refused to help -- working day and night with 1 patient would mean abandoning many less fortunate patients.  So, grandfather Patrykus declares he will build the clinic she has been working to raise funds for if she will try.

Even with his body confined to a hospital bed, Alex's mind reached out to hers, forming a powerful psychic bond and he begins to heal.  They share much of themselves but she realizes she must leave him to force him to face the real world now.

Now in the real world, Alex tries to re-establish the closeness they had while he was in a coma.  Can he learn to share her and her gifts with others?   Can she trust in what they had or is it just a fleeting dream?

There is something about the special psychic connection -- the "in the middle of the night" closeness that hooked me.  Understanding each other wasn't enough, they had to rebuild this again in the real world.  This is the first DREAMSCAPE that I read and it had me looking for the logo and other books in this theme.  It is one of my "comfort books" on my keeper shelf.

Cy Korte /October, 2000
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