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a.k.a. Kate Holmes

Kate Holmes 
Love Spell, June 2000 
400 pages; ISBN# 0505523833

Category: Historical Parnormal Romance
Reviewed by: CYoTE

WILD SWANS by Holmes bookcover
The author begins her introduction to this story “Remember the Fractured Fairy Tales from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon shows?  I liked them so much, in fact, that I decided to apply that same little twist to my own Fractured Fairy Tale, THE WILD SWANS. 

Kate Holmes delivers a humorous satirical presentation "Medieval Times meets Married With Children" [For those who don't remember Rocky & Bullwinkle's Fractured Fairy Tales!]  If you liked '10th Kingdom", you will love this book. 

The locker room humor and Point-Of-View switches in the story can be a bit distracting at times, but this actually will be remembered a humorous romantic tale.  First we meet James Richard Henry Michael Bledgabred Taillefer, King of Avalon, Darian, Longshore, and the Western Isles, Duke of Lemaire-Over-the-Sea, Count of Borghame, Chosen of God and, By His Gracious Might, Anointed Among Men—affectionately known among his people as King Jim, though he was just plain Richard to his friends [R&B Show humor] as he discusses with fellow knight his frustrations with women.  He ends his tirade by swearing that if he "meets a woman who can keep her mouth shut" he will make her his queen. 

Next we meet Her Royal Highness, Princess Arianne of Montavia.  She’d been twelve when her mother died in childbirth.   Arianne has been taking care of not only her 12 brothers, but also her absentminded royal father.  Men, those thickheaded louts, have been the bane of her existence, thank you very much!  And now, to rescue her brothers, she cannot talk until she to knit twelve shirts out of nettles. 

When the prince is lost in the wood and stumbles upon her doorstep, Princes Ari is well able to communicate her displeasure without words.  After raising 12 brothers, she is surprised to find, though, that she is not immune to Richard’s charm.  Despite his vow; Richard's plans are not for marriage and she draws the line at sharing a bed.  When the frustrated prince is rescued, he invites "Goldie" to go with him to Avalon.  Plots from the Archbishop and nettle knitting are mixed with Richar's attempts at seduction.  Then the courtship begins, at least in HIS perspective.  The announcement of their wedding is a surprise to Ari, but she loves Richard and accepts. 

We all know there is a happily-ever-after to be found in every fairy tale, and this is no exception.  It is a light read for entertainment.  Don't expect historical insights or even "men are Mars/ women Venus” insights although some scenes reflect these differences.  Read this book for fun! 

Cy Korte / April, 2000
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