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December 2000
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Permed to Death : A Bad Hair Day Mystery
Nancy J. Cohen  

Marla Shore, a Florida beauty salon owner, has a knack for creating
dazzling do’s – and solving mysteries.  When one of her clients dies
while getting a perm at her salon, a smug Detective Vail accuses her of
poisoning the victim’s coffee creamer.  Granted, Bertha Kravitz wasn’t
Marla’s favorite customer,. Now it’s up to the savvy stylist to find out
who murdered her. 

ISBN: 1-57566-624-3
List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
  On Thin Ice
Lynn Erickson  

Ellie Kramer wants payback for every moment her father languished on
Death Row, wrongly convicted of murder.  Now she’s poised to achieve her
goal.  Taking a break from law school, she digs through the record of
her father’s trial and becomes convinced one of the two rookie cops who
put him away is responsible for the murder.  Ellie will do whatever it
takes to expose the real killer. (ESPIONAGE/ THRILLER)

ISBN: 0-515-12971-2
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
The Celtic Riddle
Lyn Hamilton

Antique dealer and sleuth Lara McClintoch accompanies her employee to
County Kerry, Ireland, for the reading of an old friend’s will.  Eamon
Byrne left each of his heirs a clue – a piece of a puzzle that leads to
a mysterious treasure.  When Lara discovers the ancient Celtic poem that
serves as the key, she closes in on the treasure.  (MYSTERY/ DETECTIVE)

ISBN: 0-425-17775-0
List Price: $6.50
Our Price: $5.20
Star Trek : The Next Generation : I, Q
John De Lancie and Peter David

As a deadly being threatens not only everything that is but also
everything that might have been, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the entity
Q must once again warily join forces.  Told in Q’s own words, this
memoir of their last-ditch effort to save the multiverse is co-written
by John De Lancie, the actor who portrayed Q on the television show for
more than a decade. (SCIENCE

ISBN: 0-671-02444-2 
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
Miracle and Other Christmas Stories
Connie Willis

An innovative author takes a gentle and often humorous look at the true
meaning of Christmas in this gift book compilation of her popular
Christmas stories from Asimov’s magazine.  From a funny dig at lengthy
Christmas newsletters to a poignant look at Mary and Joseph’s journey to
Bethelehem, Willis weaves in her trademark wit and keen observation to
remind readers what makes Christmas so special. (GENERAL)

ISBN: 0-553-58048-5
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
Moon Fire
Judith Redman Robbins 

The Anasazi Indians in Chaco Canyon know brave Moon Fire can communicate
with animals.  She once used this gift to save her people. Now she must
do everything in her power to save herself, for her family has been torn
apart, her friends and neighbors fight for survival during a droughtk,
and a crisis threatens her one true love.  (HISTORICAL)

ISBN: 0-451-20192-2
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
  Out of the Shadows
Kay Hooper 

When teenagers become the prey of a ritual killer in a small Georgia
town, Sheriff Miranda Knight has no choice but to call the FBI, even if
it means bringing Agent Bishop back into her life.  Together Miranda’s
local force and Bishop’s team solve the murders even as Miranda and
Bishop face up to their dark past. (ESPIONAGE/THRILLER)

ISBN: 0-553-57695-X
List Price: $6.50
Our Price: $5.20
Irresistible Forces
Danielle Steel

A million-copy bestseller in hardcover, this novel explores the strain
that diverging career paths can have on an otherwise stable marriage.
Attempts at a long-distance relationship between a physician in New York
and his investment banker wife in San Francisco end up pulling the
couple in different directions and into unexpected new lives.

ISBN: 0-440-22486-1
List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $6.39
  The First Time : The Mounties
Kathryn Fox 

In this first story in a new series, set in 19th century Canada and the
U.S. West, Scottish physician Colin Fraser impulsively joins the
Northwest Mounted Police.  A raid on a large bootleg whiskey operation
nets a desperately ill bootlegger – beautiful, defiant Maggie Hayes.  As
Colin nurses her back to health, she stubbornly resists his efforts to
teach her a new way of life. 

ISBN: 0-8217-6731-3
List Price: $5.50
Our Price: $4.40
The Wrong Child
Patricia Kay 

Single mother Abbie discovers her 11-year old daughter Kendall is not
her biological child, and that she was given the wrong child at the
hospital so long ago.  Abbie sets out to find her real daughter, and her
search leads her to widower Logan O’Connell, who is devoted to his
daughter Erin.  Desperate to protect their children, Logan and Abbie
must find the strength to decide on the future. 

ISBN: 0-425-17770-X 
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
Canyon Song
Gwyneth Atlee 

Skilled in a Mexican healing art, Anna Bennett is stunned when a badly
injured man left to die at her doorstep is Quinn Ryan, a man she
betrayed years ago.  Now, as Anna nurses his wounds, she’s unable to
fight the desire she still feels for him.

ISBN: 0-8217-6746-1
List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
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