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November 2000
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Laws of the Blood : Partners
Susan Sizemore

Seattle has become a supernatural hunting ground.  Enforcer Char Mcairn is on the prowl for a young renegade vampire.  Vampire hunter Jebel
Haven is searching for a missing teenager who may have been abducted by
the undead.  As they join forces, they catch wind of a strange, dark
cult flourishing in the city.  (FANTASY)

ISBN: 0-441-00783-X 
List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
  Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do
Valerie Wilson Wesley

A librarian’s world is turned upside down when her husband walks out on her after ten years of marriage.  Then a handsome jazz musician comes
along to teach her some lusty new riffs on love’s oldest song.  The
author is a former executive director for Essence Magazine and author of
the Tamara Hayle mysteries. 

ISBN: 0-380-80304-6  
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
Star Trek Voyager #19: Dark Matters #  1: Cloak and Dagger
Christie Golden 

In this first book of a new Voyager trilogy, the Romulans plan to gain ahead start on future Federation technology by capturing Voyager and manipulating the phenomenon known as “dark matter” with potentially
disasterous consequences for the entire cosmos. (SCIENCE FICTION)

ISBN: 0-671-03582-7 
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
  The Vampire Armand
Anne Rice 

In this sixth installment of The Vampire Chronicles, Rice brings readers
the story of the eternally young Armand.  Introduced as a minor player
in the classic Interview With the Vampire, Armand now takes his place
center stage as he relates his 500-year history.

ISBN: 0-345-43480-3 
List Price: $7.99 
Our Price: $6.39

Beyond the Blue Moon
Simon R. Green

In this sequel to Blue Moon Rising, Hawk and Fisher are tough cops in the crime-torn city of Haven.  As the Blue Moon threatens to rise once
again, they are called upon to be the heroes of the Forest Kingdom.

ISBN: 0-451-45805-2 
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
Hiding in the Shadows
Kay Hooper

When Faith Parker awakens from a coma, she has no memory of her life –
or of her friend Dinah, who has vanished without a trace.  Death is stalking both women and one of them will not escape its lethal grasp. This is the second novel of Trilogy. (ESPIONAGE/ THRILLER)

ISBN: 0-553-57692-5 
List Price: $6.50 
Our Price: $5.20
Island Snatchers
Janice Kay Johnson 

A widow arrives in Hawaii and takes a job as a nurse in King
Kamehemeha’s royal court.  Against a backdrop of plague, attempted
conquests of the island nation, and accusations of murder, Anne comes to see the natives as people, not savages – and falls in love for the first
time in her life. (HISTORICAL)

ISBN: 0-8125-5527-9 
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
Face Down Upon An Herbal
Kathy Lynn Emerson

After making her sleuthing debut in Face Down in the Marrowbone Pie,
herbalist Susanna is back – ordered by Queen Elizabeth to complete a new
book on botanical decorations.  She realizes there is more to the royal
request when a house guest is found murdered – face down upon the very
book she authored.  (MYSTERY/ DETECTIVE)

ISBN: 1-57566-620-0
List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
Our Husband
Stephanie Bond 

When Beatrix, Natalie, and Ruby all meet at the hospital bed of Raymond
Carmichael, they discover they’re married to the same man.  And when
Raymond suddenly dies, the police suspect that one of these spunky
ladies has committed murder.

ISBN: 0-312-97565-1
List Price: $6.50 
Our Price: $5.20
  Two For the Lions : A Marcus Didius Falco Mystery
Lindsey Davis 

“The Sam Spade of Ancient Rome”(Publishers Weekly) sinks his teeth into the investigation of a star gladiator’s murder in the tenth novel in this popular mystery series. “a detail-rich scan of daily life in
ancient Rome"(Booklist) (MYSTERY/ DETECTIVE)

ISBN: 0-44660902-1 
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $5.59
Bride and Doom : An Irish House B&B Mystery
Jean Hager 

When the cook at Irish House is fingered as the prime suspect in the stabbing death of a dictatorial superchef, Tess Darcy must put her
wedding on hold to come to the defense of her dear friend.  But Tess’s sleuthing raises the ire of a killer – and the likelihood she may end up
dead before wed. (MYSTERY/ DETECTIVE) 

ISBN: 0-380-80376-3  

List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
Murder at Manassas : A Harrison Raines Civil War Mystery
Michael Kilian 

Harrison is a witness to the very first battle between the Union and Confederate armies.  But he is also the last person to see a federal
officer alive before his death – a death that has nothing to do with
war, and everything to do with cold-blooded murder.  First in a series
of novels about various Civil War battles. 

ISBN: 0-425-17743-2 

List Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.79
  Eye of the Storm
V.C. Andrews 

This haunting third installment in the all new Hudson series continues
the first series of full-length Andrews novels since the 1998 Logan
series.  In it, Rain stands to inherit millions from her dear departed
grandmother Hudson when a tragic accident leaves her paralyzed and in a
state of despair.  A caring man tries to help her rebuild her life, but
the past always has a way of haunting Rain. (HORROR) 

ISBN: 0-671-03983-0  
List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $6.39


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