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May 2001
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MAY 2001 

The Search
THE SEARCH by Iris Johansen
Iris Johansen 

Sarah Patrick and Monty, her partner from the elite K-9 search and rescue team can find people when no one else can. Sarah is forced to help in the rescue of the only survivor of a massacre at the facilities of a top-secret venture backed by billionaire John Logan. Logan knows the only way to save the man – and the secrets he holds – is to find him as soon as possible.


List Price: $7.50
BI Price: $6.00

Pearl Harbor, 1941

Nancy Holder 

Bekah Martin completes her nurse’s training in San Francisco, and is scheduled to return to the territory of Hawaii to keep her promise of marriage to a man she doesn’t love. But on her way home, her chance encounter with a handsome naval ensign changes the direction of her life, as she’s faced with making the choice between happiness and responsibility on the morning of December 7, 1941. (FICTION –YA)

List Price: $4.99
BI Price: $3.99

Final Séance

Massimo Polidoro
Final Séance is the story of an unusual friendship between two of the most intriguing characters of the early 20th Century : renowned escape artist Harry Houdini and celebrated mystery writer Sir Arthur Conan  Doyle. Photo insert. 275 pp. (BIOGRAPHY)

ISBN:1-57392-896-8 List Price: $25.00
BI Price: $20.00

Who Cooked The Last Supper? The Women’s History of the World

Rosalind Miles

With a new introduction and funny prose, this clever, concise, and meticulously researched history of women’s pivotal roles in society spans the ages. 352 pp.

List Price: $14.00
BI Price: $11.20

Dead Until Dark : A Southern Vampire Mystery

Charlaine Harris 

Sookie Stackhouse is a cocktail waitress in small town Louisiana, but she keeps to herself and doesn’t date much because of her “disability” to read minds. When she meets Bill, Sookie can’t hear a word he’s thinking. He’s they type of guy she’s waited for all of her life, but he has a disability too – he’s a vampire with a bad reputation. When one of Sookie’s coworkers is killed, she fears she’s next. 


List Price: $5.99
BI Price: $4.79

Special Agent : My Life on the Front Lines as A Woman in the FBI

Candice DeLong

Called a real-life Clarice Starling and a female Donnie Brasco, DeLong has been on the front lines of some of the FBI’s most gripping, and memorable cases. Now retired, Agent DeLong offers a “day-in- the-life” glimpse of her work as a field profiler, one of the most fascinating and challenging branches of the FBI. 8-page photo insert. 288 pp. 


ISBN:0-7868-6707-8 List Price: $23.95
BI Price: $19.16

Duchess of Aquitaine : A Novel of Eleanor

Margaret Ball 

From the mire of war-torn medieval France rises an unlikely heroine, a noblewoman as brilliant as she is young and beautiful. Inlaid with rich historical detail, Duchess of Aquitaine breaths youth into an ancient story, that of the girl-queen who would one day join France with England under the Plantagenet name. 432 pp.  (HISTORICAL)

ISBN:0-312-20533-3 List Price: $27.95
BI Price: $22.36

The Story Jar

Deborah Bedford, Robin Lee Hatcher, Angela Elwell Hunt
Just in time for Mother’s Day gift-giving, The Story Jar honors and blesses mothers of all ages for their faithful, enduring love. These heartwrenching, inspiring novellas are enhanced by tributes to true-life mothers shared by Jerry Jenkins, Francine Rivers, and many others. 300 pp.

ISBN:1-57673-699-7 List Price: $10.99 
BI Price: $8.79



Eve Forward 

Launching a new fantasy trilogy, the story of young Alex is told. A recent graduate of the college of Animism, Alex embarks on a quest to acquire his “anim”, the animal with which he will bond for the rest of his life, and share an empathic link that will allow him to detect, and resist, the use of magic. (FANTASY)

List Price: $6.99
BI Price: $5.59

Out of Avalon : An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths

Jennifer Roberson (Editor)

Featuring 15 stories of magic, adventure, and romance surrounding the legend of King Arthur, this collection features writings by bestselling authors Marion Zimmer Bradley, Kristen Britain, Laura Resnik, Mike Resnik, and others.  (FANTASY)

List Price: $5.99
BI Price: $4.79

Farscape : House of Cards

Keith R.A. DeCandido 

The first novel based on the acclaimed sci-fi series takes astronaut John Crichton and the fugitive crew of the Moya to the planet of Liantac, once the greatest gambling resort in the Uncharted Territories. Liantac is seen by the crew as a source of much needed supplies, except for Rygel, who is easily tempted by easy riches – and loses the Moya in a game of chance. (SCIENCE FICTION)

ISBN:0-8125-6162-7 List Price: $6.99
BI Price: $5.59

His Father’s Son

Nigel Bennett and P.N. Elrod

Once King Arthur’s greatest knight Lancelot, Lord Richard is now a vampire. And at the Dawn of the New Millennium, he still stalks, fights, and kills. But a desperate plea for help calls him to the rescue of a woman he had loved and lost. 352 pp. 


ISBN:0-671-31981-7 List Price: $24.00
BI Price: $19.20

The Skies of Pern 

Anne McCaffrey

Beloved characters – and a brand new threat – prove that dragons will always be needed in the skies of Pern. The first Dragonriders of Pern novel in three years features McCaffrey’s most popular characters : F’lar and Lessa, from the original trilogy, their son, F’lessen, and, of course, the dragons. 384 pp.  (FANTASY)

ISBN:0-345-43468-4 List Price: $25.00
BI Price: $20.00

The War of Souls, Vol. II : Dragons of A Lost Star (Dragonlance)

Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman 

As the War of Souls continues, the shield over the elven kingdom of Silvanesti falls. Mina leads her forces triumphantly into that conquered nation, only to face danger from friends and foes alike. Meanwhile, Goldmoon follows the river of the dead, which threatens to engulf them all. Dragons of a Lost Star expands on the War of Souls saga and forms the point around which subsequent novels will revolve. 560 pp. (FANTASY)

ISBN:0-7869-1817-9 List Price: $27.95
BI Price: $22.36

The Complete Paratime

H. Beam Piper

From the creator of the Terrohuman future history and the bestselling Fuzzy novels come all the classic Police Paratime stories in one volume. Includes the original Paratime, which introduced the elite time-traveling police force, and Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, the story of a state trooper’s conquest of a parallel Earth. 432 pp. 


ISBN:0-441-00801-1 List Price: $15.00
BI Price: $12.00



Female Intelligence

Jane Heller 

Bestselling author Jane Heller delivers a charming romantic comedy about the way men and women communicate with each other – or don’t. In a modern twist on My Fair Lady, Lynn Wyman is a linguist who teaches alpha-males how to talk with women. When her own life falls apart, Lynn targets the impossibly macho Brandon Brock and decides to transform him into “America’s Most Sensitive Boss”. 336 pp. 

ISBN:0-312-26159-4 List Price: $24.95
BI Price: $19.96

Into the Mummy’s Tomb

John Richard Stephens 

This exciting new anthology from the editor of Vampires, Wine and Roses features a diverse selection of remarkable talents, from major bestselling authors such as Anne Rice and Elizabeth Peters, to all-time favorites Bram Stoker, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie. 368 pp. 20,00 print. (HORROR)

ISBN:0-425-17664-9 List Price: $14.00 
BI Price: $11.20

Cat in a Leopard Spot

Carole Nelson Douglas 

A big-game hunter is found dead with a leopard that was kidnapped from his magician owner only days before the murder. Midnight Louie must bail out his investigative partner, public relations woman Temple Barr, and save a fellow feline form a murder charge. 384 pp. 25,000 print.


ISBN:0-312-85370-X List Price: $24.95
BI Price: $19.96

The Weather Factor : How Nature Has Changed History

Erik Durschmied 

From the author of The Hinge Factor, a page-turning series of historical recreations revealing how the fate of humankind has been decided by the uncontrollable power of weather. From doomed campaigns of Roman legions to the fate of U.S. forces in the South Pacific, torrential rain, brutal winters, monster typhoons, and killer hurricanes have had far-reaching – and often terrifying – consequences. (HISTORY)

ISBN:1-55970-558-2 List Price: $25.95
BI Price: $20.76


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