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February 2001
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February 2001
Catch Me
A.J. Holtbook cover Catch Me
In this sequel to Watch Me, FBI agent and expert computer hacker Jay
Fletcher leads a new life after she tracked down five serial killers – four of which were killed and one put away for life.  But “Billy Bones” escapes and tracks Jay down, daring her to catch him if she can.  Billy
manages to stay one step ahead of Jan and U.S. Marshal Jack Dane in his
vicious cat-and-mouse game.

ISBN: 0-312-97130-3
List Price: $6.99 
Our Price: $5.59 
The Island of 
Heavenly Daze
Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt 

The residents of Heavenly Daze don’t realize that where they live isn’t

just like the other islands off coastal Maine.  The small town that
crowns the island’s peak consists of seven buildings, each inhabited –
according to divine decree – by an angel commanded to guard and help
anyone who crosses the threshold.  270 pp.

ISBN: 0-8499-4219-5 
List Price: $12.99
 Our Price: $10.40 
Red Moon Rising
Billie Sue MosimanBOOK COVER Red Moon Rising 

Scientists call it “porphyria” a rare blood disease that has mutated – and transformed the lives of everyone in its path : a teenaged girl newly reborn as a vampire, a billionaire slowly dying of the original
disease, a vampire who is the oldest of his kind, and a blood disease doctor forced to become a vampire hunter.  (ESPIONAGE/ THRILLER)

ISBN: 0-88677-955-3 
List Price: $6.99 
Our Price: $5.59 

O is for Outlaw
Sue Graftonbook cover O is for Outlaw

The 15th novel in the bestselling series finds Kinsey Milhone
investigating why her ex-husband Mickey, the man she left years ago
after his implication in a fatal beating, lies dying in an L.A. hospital.  Kinsey uncovers evidence that Mickey was innocent of the
beating charge, but as she searches those in Mickey’s life, she must also search the blind spots of her own life, including one that hides a killer.  

ISBN: 0-449-00378-7 
List Price: $7.99 
Our Price: $6.39

The End of the Rainbow
Hudson #4
V.C. Andrewsbook cover The End of the Rainbow

In the final novel of the bestselling Hudson series, Rain’s daughter, Summer, turns 16 and looks forward to making her own life.  But a devastating act of brutality forces Summer to become an adult long
before she is ready, and she runs away with her brotherly friend to find
some sense of normalcy.  Will she find happiness, or will the secrets she discovers haunt her?

ISBN: 0-671-03985-7
List Price: $7.99 
Our Price: $6.39

Ascendant Sun
Catherine Asarobook cover Ascendant Sun

This sequel to The Last Hawk takes place 18 years after Kelric crash-landed his fighter on the planet of Coba, where he was held
prisoner.  He escaped and returns to Skolian space, but the Empire is now controlled by the Allied forces of Earth.  Alone and penniless, Kelric works on a merchant vessel, only to find himself entering Euban
space, where torture is used as the ultimate aphrodisiac. (SCIENCE FICTION)

ISBN: 0-8125-6665-3
List Price: $6.99 
Our Price: $5.59 

The Wolf’s Tale
David Holland book cover Murcheston

Edgar Lenior, Duke of Darnley, chronicles his life as an aristocrat and
a werewolf in Victorian London in his journal.  He views his condition not with horror, but with a fascination he believes to be thoroughly modern. But he is also narcissistic, ruthless, and ultimately, seduced by his own misguided self-interest to justify as natural and healthy the bestial desires that eventually consume him.

ISBN: 0-8125-7928-3 
List Price: $6.99 
Our Price: $5.59 

God Save the Sweet Potato Queens
Jill Conner Brownebook cover God Save the Sweet Potato Queens

Jill Conner Browne’s southern-fried wisdom continues in this sequel to
the bestselling The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of Love.  She gives priceless advice on everything from love to love handles, plus even more death-defying recipes.  Trade PB 224 pp. (HUMOR)

ISBN: 0-609-80619-X 
List Price: $12.95
 Our Price: $10.36

Lip Service
Suzanne Summonsbook cover Lip Service

Trace Ballinger is an attorney who rose from his blue-collar roots only
to serve the rich residents of the historic Hudson River’s gothic mansions – the very people he detests.  Trace is hired to execute Cora
Grant’s estate, including a gothic mansion she’s left to her niece, Schuyler Grant, a pampered young woman.  Trace and Schuyler are drawn together and uncover the shocking secrets of the mansion. 

ISBN: 0-312-97299-7 
List Price: $6.50
Our Price: $5.20 

Voice of the Blood
Jemiah Jefferson BOOK COVER Voice of the Blood

Grad student Ariane is desperate for a change in her life.  But she falls prey to a world of darkness – and to Ricari, a vampire whose world is far beyond the myths and legends of the living.  From the clubs of
San Francisco to a deserted Hollywood hotel, the denizens of this land hold sway over the night, and Ariane will soon discover a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. (HORROR)

ISBN: 0-8439-4830-2 
List Price: $5.99 
 Our Price: $4.79

The Cat Who 
Smelled A Rat
Lillian Jackson Braun
book cover The Cat Who Smelled a Rat

October arrives in Moose County on the heels of a long drought, and the citizens of Pickax worry about wildfires.  Their fears are realized in an unexpected manner with a case of arson and the shooting of a volunteer fire-watcher as he is reporting the blaze.  The crime wave continues as the president of the curling club is pushed to his death down a flight of stairs, and it’s up to Qwilleran & Co. to sniff out the rat who is responsible for it all.

ISBN: 0-399-14665-2
List Price: $23.95
Our Price: $19.16

After Twilight
Dee Davis After Twilight bookcover

After her husband’s death two years ago, and after she discovered secrets about him she was better off not knowing, Kacy Macgrath escaped to her grandmother’s cottage in Ireland, where she lives anonymously. Braedon Roche has traveled an ocean looking for justice – to expose Kacy as a master forger who with her late husband nearly destroyed his career as an art dealer.  But he’s not the only one following Kacy.

ISBN: 0-8041-1966-X  
List Price: $6.50
Our Price: $5.20 

The Bride of Science : Romance, Reason, and Byron’s Daughter
Benjamin Woolley book cover The Bride of Science: Byron's daughter

The author profiles Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace and daughter of poet Lord
Byron, who became the mother of computer programming through her
collaboration with Charles Babbage, inventor of the mechanical “thinking
machine” that anticipated by more than a century the invention of the
computer. 10 illustrations.  432 pp.  (BIOGRAPHY)

ISBN: 0-07-137329-2 
List Price: $27.95
 Our Price: $22.36

Teller of Tales: The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle
Daniel StashowerBOOK COVER Teller of Tales

Winner of the 1999 Edgar Award for Best Biographical Work, this biography looks beyond Sherlock Holmes to examine Arthur Conan Doyle, the fascinating, complex man who became an outspoken crusader for
spiritualism.  8 pp of photos.  512 pp.  (BIOGRAPHY)

ISBN: 0-8050-6684-5 
List Price: $16.00
 Our Price: $12.80

Moon Rising
Ann Victoria Roberts book cover Moon Rising

This dark, obsessional love story features a young Bram Stoker as its main character and follows him as he escapes to seaside Whitby during a hot summer in the 1880s.  There he develops a dangerous relationship
with a local girl from an old seafaring family who introduces him to the
wild sea, the wrecks, and the legends, as well as to his own weaknesses
and desires.  368 pp.  (FICTION – HISTORICAL)

ISBN: 0-312-27294-4 
List Price: $24.95
 Our Price: $19.96

The Crepes of Wrath: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery with Recipes
Tamar Myers BOOK COVER The Crepes of Wrath

The hardcover debut of the bestselling Magdalena Yoder series surrounds
a local cook who is found poisoned to death by a bad batch of crepes. Includes recipes for over a half-dozen delicious crepes.  240 pp.

ISBN: 0-451-20225-2 
List Price: $19.99
 Our Price: $16.00 

So Mote It Be
Circle of Three # 1
Isobel Bird

In the first volume of this new series about modern-day witches, there’s
nothing about February that Kate likes – the only bright spot is Valentine’s Day, and even that looks dreary with no likely prospects in sight.  Little does Kate know that her impulsive decision to cast a love spell will have consequences – both good and bad – for beyond what she intended.

ISBN: 0-06-447291-4 
List Price: $4.99
Our Price: $3.99

Circle of Three # 2: Merry Meet
Isobel Bird 

Joined by an uneasy bond, Kate, Cooper, and Annie are resolved toexplore their newfound fascination with witchcraft.  The three different girls attend an open pagan ritual, and while each is drawn to the power of the witches, it becomes apparent that they must come together as

three before they begin to learn the ways of Wicca.(YOUNG ADULT)

ISBN: 0-06-447292-2
List Price: $4.99
Our Price: $3.99

Circle of Three # 3: Second Sight
Isobel Bird 

As Annie, Cooper, and Kate begin to learn the Craft, a girl in their
town goes missing.  Cooper has what she thinks are nightmares about it – until it becomes clear that she is having visions about what really happened to the girl.  Cooper knows what she must do, but is terrified it will mean revealing the secret she and her friends have kept until now.(YOUNG ADULT)

ISBN: 0-06-447293-0
List Price: $4.99
Our Price: $3.99

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