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Rich, Mary Lou. Mountain Magic Romance Historical ISBN:1582001235  $6.00

ISBN 1582001146
Paranormal Romance


Mercy Greer is on a mission to find a priceless "treasure," and she needs Rafe Trane's ship, the Hazard. Convincing the dissolute space trader, who's been on a permanent binge since the death of his wife and daughter, is her first challenge.  But not her last.  A reluctant Rafe joins Mercy on her mission to save orphaned children, from their home world of Athera, who've been spirited away to Tamar.  Tamaran warlords are engaged in a vicious struggle for power on the doomed planet, and the children are pawns. Mercy is their only hope -- and Rafe is hers.
Roper, John. The Honeyberrys: Nessie's Highland Fling YA Childrens ISBN:0759901767  $6.00
Roper, John. The Honeyberrys: Sled Reality YA Childrens ISBN:158200529X  $5.50
Rose, Holly Lynne. The Scent of Orchids Romance Contemporary ISBN:1582001367  $5.00
Rosi, Dave. One Good Deed Mystery ISBN:075990197X  $7.00
Rowe, Patricia. Keepers of the Misty Time Romance Historical ISBN:1582006024  $6.50

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Sandler, Karen. ETERNITY

ISBN 1582000301
Paranormal Romance


In the year 2098, humanity has pushed beyond Earth into the solar system and unlocked the secrets of life with genetic engineering. But despite the lifesaving cures and physical improvements wrought by the mastery over human DNA, some consider the tinkering with genes an abomination. Bold and reckless shuttle pilot Krys Krysynowski has thrown her lot in with SEIS vocal opponents of genetic experimentation. But when SEIS sends her to the asteroid-based laboratory of Ian Llewellyn, her intense attraction for the lone wolf geneticist shakes her to the core. Her mission is to secretly sabotage Ian's latest project, but his dedication to his work, his single-minded drive to conquer human illness, turns Krys's entire belief system upside down. Ian touches her heart as no other man has.  But there is something very different about Ian, something both wonderful and frightening. And Krys realizes it will keep them apart. Unless she is willing to risk a rite of passage with two possible outcomes: eternal love... or certain death.
Scheel, CL. Under a Warrior's Moon Sci-fi Fantasy ISBN:1582006423  $6.00
Sherman, Jory. Chill #1: Satan's Seed  Horror ISBN:0759900280  $6.00
Sherman, Jory. Visions of a Lost Girl Novel ISBN:0759900353 $5.00
Sherman, Jory. The Hills of Home Novel ISBN:1582006059  $5.00
Shianna, Peter. Take Off!  Action & Series ISBN:1582000115  $5.50
Sinclair, Rebecca. Murphy's Law Romance Contemporary ISBN:1582001324 $5.50
Singer, Cherie. Catch a Falling Star Paranormal Romance ISBN:1582006156  $6.00
Singer, Cherie. HAWKE'S HAVEN

ISBN  158200532X
Paranormal Romance


The worst experience of Cass Burnelle's life--other than nearly killing an innocent man--is discovering her parents have been kidnapped. Then she finds out the best chance of their safe return lies with the bounty hunter Hawke Kincade--the one man she'd still rather knife in the ribs than ask for help.  Hawke Kincade would rather take that knife in the ribs than help Cass, but he's bound by honor to bring her parents safely home, even after Cass betrays him to the enemy.   Amid their journey through the galaxies, Cass realizes she cherishes Hawke Kincade enough to give her life for his, and Hawke comes to realize he must fight the millennium-old tradition that forever denies him the one woman who makes his blood burn--Cass Burnelle
Singer, Cherie. WULFE'S WOMAN

ISBN 1582005273
Paranormal Romance


Cat Kincade has vowed never to come within a light year of her husband again.  Until a dying world's plea to the Corps for help places her on the same team captained by Wulfe Kincade, her estranged mate, the man who has done his utmost to destroy her. Wulfe Kincade can't believe Cat has the audacity to show up on his ship.  He'd make a deal with the devil himself to be rid of the traitorous wench.  A killer--perhaps more than one--stalks the corridors of the huge starcruiser.  Each death brings the killer closer to Cat, and Cat closer to the horrifying truth.  Only the re-ignited flame of their love and a perilous journey to find trust and the truth can save Cat, Wulfe, those they love, and the world they've pledged to save.
Siros, A.L. Penguin Island YA Childrens ISBN:1582005516  $5.50
Skerven, Julie. FOOL’S GOLD

ISBN 1582000816
Romance Contemporary


Sarah Halliday has returned to Wyoming on a mission--to save the reputation of the man she left behind.  Deep in her soul she knows she has to go back and set things right.  She can't let the man she loves lose his birthright just because their marriage came with too many strings attached. She offers him a deal--she'll come back on a temporary basis until the talk dies down, then she'll be on her way. Rafe Halliday has cooked up the perfect scheme to get his runaway bride back where he wants her-- in his arms and in his bed permanently. He isn't above telling a few white lies to achieve his objective. Sarah and Rafe are about to set off on a rocky road. Will they find that their love is 24 carat or fool's gold?
Soard, Lori A. MAN OF MEANS

ISBN 1582000956
Romance Humor


Jenna McBay’s bookstore is in financial difficulties. If she loses it, she loses her parents’ legacy and the opportunity to help her sisters through college. When her aunt leaves her an ancient trunk of books, How to Wed a Man of Means seems to fit her situation perfectly.  Slade Walker is the single father of a six month old, colicky baby girl. The fifth nanny in as many months has just walked out on him and he is desperate. He decides what he really needs is a wife. He purchases the newest best-seller, Find Ms. Right. Unfortunately, the two books are in total opposition to one another. And Jenna and Slade have to discover that love cannot be found in a book but comes from the heart.
Stevens, Serita & Moore, Rayanne. Bagels for Tea Mystery  $6.00 ISBN:1582005060
Stevens, Serita & Moore, Rayanne. Red Sea, Dead Sea Mystery  $5.50 ISBN:1582005052

Stewart, Carol Lynn. DOOR IN THE SKY

ISBN  1582005605
Paranormal Romance


Beautiful half-Basque witch Mariana de Reuilles comes into her full powers torn between the love of two men. Breton knight Richard de la Guerche, her childhood sweetheart, knows of the old ways, the circle fires and standing stones.  Henri de Baucais, tortured soldier of the Inquisition, was sent to destroy her. Yet Henri can't bring himself to carry out his orders. When a sacred treasure from the ashes of the Cathar stronghold of Montsegur falls into Mariana's hands, she must choose . . .
Strand, Jeff. How to Rescue a Dead Princess Sci-fi Fantasy ISBN:1582005915 $5.50
Strub, Sherry. Kisses nor Promises Romance Historical Western ISBN:1582001499 $6.00
Sutton, Gary. Papa (Novella) Novel Thriller/Suspense ISBN:1582000832  $4.00
Sutton, Gary. Cyber.Scam 2000 Novel Thriller/Suspense ISBN:1582000824 $5.00
Suzanne, Kathleen. Reckless: 3 Tales of Adventurous Love Romance ISBN:1582000972 $6.00
Suzin, Linda. Sweet Music Romance Contemporary ISBN:1582005087 $5.50

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Taylor, Simona. MESMERIZED

ISBN  1582006016
Romance Contemporary


Beautiful businesswoman Sean Scott lands a new job at a methanol plant in Trinidad and encounters its handsome new operations manager, Christian DeVane. Christian happens to be the cheating playboy to whom she was once engaged. Much to her dismay, her new job requires working closely with Christian.  They turn to each other for comfort when religious extremists carry out violent assaults throughout the country.  (Originally published in paperback 2/2000 by BET Books (Arabesque))
Thomas, Debra Dawn.  HEAL THE CHILD

ISBN 1582001227
Romance Contemporary

Meg Rayburn asks her ex-husband, neurosurgeon, Jonathan Whitlock, to save her three-year-old child. She's traveled from New York to Southern California on a prayer that he'll operate on another man's son. Besides her worries for Cody, who's been diagnosed with a brain tumor, she struggles with unexpected emotions for Jonathan. Meg realizes she's never stopped loving him.  Heal The Child revolves around the medical world where Jonathan thrives and the avant-garde art community where Meg has risen to fame. From New York to California, and finally a real home in Colorado, Heal The Child, brings two people who should never ave been apart, back together again.
Thurlow, Kathy. Mrs. Love ISBN: 1582001480 Romance Contemporary  $5.50
Titchener, Louise. Buried in Baltimore Mystery ISBN:0759900396 $6.00
Trammell, Jack. Return to Treasure Island YA Childrens ISBN:1582005028 $5.00
Trammell, Jack. The Saints Departed Action & Series ISBN:1582000085 $6.00

HTML is the format offered when ordering with our shopping cart.  If another format or payment method is preferred, please use SPECIAL ORDER FORM.

eBooks are protected under copyright law.  You are granted permission to make 1 copy for backup and 1 print copy for personal use.  You may not copy all or part for any other purpose.  Please respect the author's rights and purchase disks if planning to share your eBook.

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