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Phone: 715-341-8817
eFax: 425-952-1337

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2224 Division Street
Stevens Point, WI
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HUMAN CLICK uses Java Script -- 
Nothing for you to install!

(Java: Uses Browser version 3.0 or above)

If Cy's PC is on, you will see an ICON with "Click for a Real Person"

Opps! If Cy doesn't answer your chat request, she forgot to set PC to 'away'.  
She really DOES wish to answer your inquiry
Please email your question.

Thank you for stopping by our site.

As this link is to Cy's home PC and not at the store.  Cy can answer any questions you may have about PNR and Book Isle and book wish possibilities [although she cannot immediately "find" a book for you]. 

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Or, as a fellow bibliotaph*, I will be glad for a chat about a great book or find.

*bibliotaph (BIB-lee-uh-taf) 
  also bibliotaphe noun
  [Biblio- book + Greek taphos burial.]
  A person who caches or hoards books.

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